Cobell Deadline March 1 for Trust Administration Class Payments

Rob Capriccioso


The second Cobell settlement deadline is approaching on March 1. Indian class members must have submitted their applications for the second payments of the settlement, the trust administration class payments, by that date.

“Any claim forms must be postmarked by March 1, 2013,” according to a notice posted on, the website established by the Cobell lawyers. Claim forms can be found on the site.

In December, historical accounting class payments of $1,000 started going out to beneficiaries who had registered their correct addresses with the federal government, the Cobell lawyers and/or the Garden City Group, the settlement administration company managing the two-part settlement payments process at the direction of the overseeing court.

Some of these payments were sent to wrong addresses, so it is important to contact the Garden City Group to be sure that correct information is in place for the second payment, officials with the National Congress of Americans (NCAI) said during a January conference call with tribal representatives regarding the process.

The number for the Garden City Group is 1-800-961-6109, and their e-mail is

NCAI officials estimated that most beneficiaries would receive about $800 under this second payment process, but some could receive more. The calculation is based on the level of activity in beneficiaries’ Indian Money (IIM) accounts, held with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

The Garden City Group is expected to calculate the amount of the second payments, and the Cobell lawyers expect the payments to be sent by fall. Some $265 million of the $3.4 billion overall settlement has been released to date, according to the lawyers. Of that, $1.9 billion was released to the U.S. Department of the Interior to run a land-consolidation program over the next 10 years. Approximately $100 million was scheduled in to be divvied among the lawyers in the case. Some lawyers continue to battle over their share, according to court documents and press accounts. Lead lawyer Dennis Gingold left the case in December.

On December 17, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia appointed Judge Richard A. Levie to become a special master during the payments process. Levie will oversee appeals of payments and other issues surrounding them. Appeals questions should be directed to the Garden City Group.

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Shirleen Blue Morseau's picture
Shirleen Blue M...
Submitted by Shirleen Blue M... on
So, once they have your address, you don't have to register again for your second payment? Should I register again? ThANKS

Jon Little Eagle Unruh's picture
Jon Little Eagl...
Submitted by Jon Little Eagl... on
I've been waiting patiently for this payment after my sister received her's before Christmas. I was wise in not trusting that this money would be delivered efficiently and would not be surprised if we have to start a lawsuit against Garden City Group over lost and mismanaged monies.

Rupert BullComing's picture
Rupert BullComing
Submitted by Rupert BullComing on
Has justice really been served in this 15 year battle with Government? "Justice" is definately not part of the "$3.4 billion Cobell Settlement". So what is this all about? If justice was served, the Government would give the country (USA)back to the Native Americans. Who is profitting from this whole fiasco? It seems that the Government, the Garden City Group and the Cobell lawyers are the ones with all the $Money$ and the IIM acount holders are left with the pocket change. There is no justice in this 15 year battle for the mismanagement of the $Money$. Personally, I wish that this whole mess would just go away. In the end, every injustice and mismanagement will be judged fairly by the Creator of us all. Call it expenses or whatever, but $Money$ is what this settlement is all about. Call it

sacndn's picture
Submitted by sacndn on
What about the scholarships? We need information on the scholarships associated with the settlement.

susan reece's picture
susan reece
Submitted by susan reece on
every one, this may be an old question since "the horse is already out of the barn" however here it is: it was determined that the cobell case uncovered an estimated 80 billion dollars in arears(the u.s.). so, if this is the case, why, why, did narf and cobell settle for a measly 4 billion dollars? in my view, we are our own worst enemy. why? we (more times than not) settle for the unacceptable. our strongest gift is our ability to wait. why? our traditions teach us to always, always honor those who have come before us and those who will come after us. our unborn. look at the lakota, they have not budged for thier "settlement" of their"Heart of Everything That IS",their Black Hills. all of us could have waited if we thought of our unborn and held up the lakotas as an example of our real strength and power. megwetch, mohawk/odawa nations

MTOM's picture
Submitted by MTOM on
I would have to agree with Jon Little Eagle, individuals that have not received $ from the first payment (Historical Accounting Class), from the Garden City Group who was entrusted by the High Courts to payout to claimants and hasn't done so to date for whatever reason, do we have to file a class action lawsuit against the Garden City Group for mismanagement of monies and Judge Richard A. Levie who was appointed to oversee the payment process for the disbursement of $$ from this Cobell case?? It wasn't bad enough that we got screwed by the U.S. Government the first time and now the second time by the Garden City Group and all other parties involved in this big, big money grab $$$.

W Thunder Hawk's picture
W Thunder Hawk
Submitted by W Thunder Hawk on
Indians still being treated as "wards of the gov't and their rights doled out a little at a time even after decades of abuse and mismanagement by the BIA? Why wait till Fall to disburse the second settlement when most people on the rez are already hurting from being unemployed, under employed, unemployable... with no other subsistence then SSI or social security which barely covers their immediate needs, while the people who administer the settlement or Congressional people sit back and enjoy their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the First Peoples Nations...

Tyee7's picture
Submitted by Tyee7 on
Why am I just hearing about this after the deadline. Most of the people from my tribe are just hearing about this, funny how that happens.........

Submitted by CHARLES BRUESCH on
They will keep the money as long as possible! They did not sue for the benefit of the Many Native American Indians cheated. They did it to line their own pockets.$1800.00 a piece you feed your dog more than that in crumbs from the table each year.

Lucille Suppach-Samson's picture
Lucille Suppach...
Submitted by Lucille Suppach... on
The BIA realty officer & OST officer haven't even begun to do right by Tribal Members in Warm Springs, OR. They deemed one of our Tribal Members incompetent without legal recourse. He owned 6 allotments 160 to 60 acres a piece now they are gone. Remember the Kennerly case it is similar to what has happened to him!

Tress's picture
Submitted by Tress on
so what is the formula the government going to use for the administrative distribution of the funds?

Tress's picture
Submitted by Tress on
If interest is accruing on the money being "held" while the ole BIA is trying to figure things out (again) - where will the interest earned go? Fair question.

donna h's picture
donna h
Submitted by donna h on
There is some concern about payments for deceased relatives. I have three known cases of people who have been trying to get the forms to fill out, one was in Dec. 2012 request....nothing, the second one was in march 2012, was told the forms were in the mail, nothing came,,,,the third, called in march, april and now forms came.....After calling them this last time. they tell me the deadline is over... I totally confused why this has happened. It would be interesting to hear if this has happened to other persons. Did Indian Trust deliberately not send these forms knowingly that they could surpass the March date.....I was told on three occasions , my husband would get his forms 2-3 weeks......where were these forms coming from:overseas. Apparently, Ohio has a poor mailing system! .

Fransine Mesteth's picture
Fransine Mesteth
Submitted by Fransine Mesteth on
The money would be greatly appreciated by many people. Most being Lakotas who were affected by the US govt. shutdown on the reservations.

diana's picture
Submitted by diana on
when are we going to recieve the second check in december or next year does anyone know ? Can someone at least give a date or some thing please stop giving us the run round.