"El Chupacabra" translates to "goat-sucker," because the creature is believed to have sucked the blood of goats.

Mysterious Creature Haunting Mississippi Just Days Before Halloween!


Was that a Chupacabra?

This is the question residents of the Picayune community in Mississippi were asking about a hairless, wolf-like creature lurking around.

“If a zombie had a dog, it would look like that,” Jennifer Whitfield told WLOX-TV.

The wolf-like creature that neighbors in a Mississippi community think may be a Chupacabra (WLOX.com)

“I kept looking up hairless coyote, and it kept saying Chupacabra,” Amanda Denton told WLOX. “We have been running back and forth to the car, our cars, because we didn’t want the Chupacabra to get us,” Denton said. Her husband, Jonathan, said that animal control had not picked it up, and they had no idea what kind of beast it was.

But the Denton’s neighbors, the Cooper's, think they know. “We came out here and I could see it running over there and I was like ‘Look, it’s over there, Daddy’ and he was like ‘That is not a Coyote, that’s a squatch dog.’ Because he’s obsessed with watching, finding Bigfoot,” Caroline Cooper said.

That’s when the Cooper's called David Burnette and Caleb Miller, from the state’s Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, for, they said, “backup.”

“Way they described it to me, it’s a coyote,” Burnette told WLOX. He added that the coyote was too weak to hunt on its own, so it ate pet food, garbage, and drank from a local water source to survive.

According to WLOX, the legend of "El Chupacabra" dates back to the 1970s. The term literally translates to "goat-sucker," because the creature is believed to have sucked the blood of goats.

“They need to be aware just to leave it alone and stay away from ‘em,” Miller said.

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morrie Reeves's picture
morrie Reeves
Submitted by morrie Reeves on
I guess people can make anything out of anything these days, it's just a dog that hasn't been taken careof and has lot it hair. Why don't you just try to catch it and take it to a vet?

Enid's picture
Submitted by Enid on
Nothing rare a hungry animal with a very low weight. Why not try to help and figure out what is the problem with the poor thing.

jan's picture
Submitted by jan on
aww, poor little thing just looks lost. Does not look forboding at all. Sure you are not just being supersticious?

Kate1347's picture
Submitted by Kate1347 on
I have seen reports of these before. If it is hanging around and not fleeing or hiding the animal appears to be sick. I would feed it. Halloween is not a factor. This animal is not going to kill any livestock.

Sara Sears's picture
Sara Sears
Submitted by Sara Sears on
Clearly this is an animal suffering from mange, someone please catch it, alive, and get it treated before the poor thing freezes this winter.

taime's picture
Submitted by taime on
does not look like the short square muzzeled, dark skinned, long legged ones we have here in arizonia

Diana's picture
Submitted by Diana on
Are y'all kidding me? Can someone please go rescue this dog on the verge of death... It's obviously underfed and has mange. And y'all wanna call it a chupacabra? Lawd help me.

Susanne Gilbert's picture
Susanne Gilbert
Submitted by Susanne Gilbert on
Don't kill it!

Becky Echard-Kaiser's picture
Becky Echard-Kaiser
Submitted by Becky Echard-Kaiser on
Probably some poor large dog with mange that someone dumped. Really people, you need to get out more.

Joy's picture
Submitted by Joy on
I have a very long-legged rangy-looking dobie that looks the same and he's harmless.

claudia wheeler's picture
claudia wheeler
Submitted by claudia wheeler on
Poor thing ..leave it alone, let it be.....and appreciate you had a chance to see him or her....its not harming anyone so leave it alone.

Linda Gillespie's picture
Linda Gillespie
Submitted by Linda Gillespie on
What ever this poor creature is he looks very sad and scared - Of course the crazy people will hunt it down and kill it. What a world!

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
hes a wolf who needs attention ya idiots its got mange or whateva yea

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
The poor thing is very likely a coyote with severe mange, not unlike some of the dogs you find in the nastier shelters down there after they are discarded by their uncaring or ignorant owners who don't want to spend any money on vet bills.

Elaine Kurpiel's picture
Elaine Kurpiel
Submitted by Elaine Kurpiel on
And, above all, DO NOT KILL IT. It is probably frightened enough and may be looking for his family. I would definitely leave food and water out for him. But that is because I believe we are all inter-connected. Please do not kill him!

LeAnn Craddock's picture
LeAnn Craddock
Submitted by LeAnn Craddock on
Instead of being a normal MORON, why don't you try to see if you can help it instead of destroying it and acting like it's gonna kill you because you don't understand it!

Rio's picture
Submitted by Rio on
looks like a XOLOITZCUINTLE to me -- a Xolo in need of some good kibble and in need of some humane kindness.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Btw, Xoloitzcuintle are hairless dogs (some are coated) that are indigenous to the Americas.

Donald's picture
Submitted by Donald on
it's a hairless dog that's all it is, it's not some mysterious creature, it's just lost and scared, hopefully people aren't stupid enough to kill it.

joe manyhorses's picture
joe manyhorses
Submitted by joe manyhorses on
most likely a wolf or coyote with mange, geez people.Someone will shoot it, poor thing