NPR Discussion: 'How Do You Prove You're a Native American?'


On the June 7th edition of the NPR program "Talk of the Nation," guests discussed the questions of Indian identity and ethnic fraud that have come to the surface with the recent flap over Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Warren, who at times has claimed Native ancestry, is embroiled in a "what did she say and when did she say it?" controversy, although the question that concerns many people is "did she use it to her advantage?"

Host Neal Conan spoke with author David Treuer and freelance journalist Mary Annette Pember, a frequent contributor to ICTMN.

A recording and written transcription are available on the NPR website—click here to check it out.

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Submitted by 49indian on
Man and I actually liked NPR

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Submitted by quinzy on
How do you prove you are Indian?? NPR asks that question to two Indians who would be mistaken for whites on America's streets. Great! The second thing that surprised me is how an English professor at USC (Treuer) can make the most elementary grammatical error with such a high frequency (none----are instead of none---is). But I like how Treuer thinks and he said some astute things. Finally, the concept of “full blood” is a white concept. Indians should not dignify that concept by talking about it. If anyone asks, say, "I would have been a full blood but I donated a few pints at the hospital last week." As people on the rez frequently say, whites are such idiots.