Teenagers girls in Ottawa are charged with forcing underage girls into prostitution. (Thinkstock)

Ottawa Female Teenagers Act as Pimps, Forcing Underage Girls Into Prostitution


Three Canadian teenage girls face human trafficking charges for forcing their underage peers, ages 13 to 17, into prostitution, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

The girls allegedly lured victims to a public housing complex through social media, CNN reported. They then beat the girls and drove them to other locations in the city, where they were forced into sex acts with adult clients, police said.

Two 15-year-old girls have been taken into custody on multiple charges including human trafficking, procuring, forcible confinement, assault, sexual assault, robbery, abduction and uttering threats. Police are still hunting for a third suspect, a 17-year-old female. One of the accused faces additional charges of administering a noxious substance.

Police believe the girls acted on their own initiative and were not led by an adult, Staff Sgt. John McGetrick said. "It's shocking, quite frankly," McGetrick told the Ottawa Citizen. "We asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who take the lead on human-trafficking, and they didn't know of any similar case in Canada."

Also surfacing today was news from California on a new measure to impose harsher punishment on sex traffickers, reported CBS San Francisco. The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act requires 800,000 signatures to place the initiative on the state’s November 2012 ballot. “I am outraged that so few traffickers are actually prosecuted,” said Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, a supporter of the Act.

The CASE Act, if approved, will increase possible prison terms for human traffickers, raise punitive fines and require traffickers to register as sex offenders. The Act would also improve protection provisions for victims, such as forbidding the use of a victim’s sexual history to press criminal charges.

In a related video, CNN follows the Anaheim Police Department on sting operations in which police officers act as clients, setting up meetings with the prostitutes in hotel rooms. They then coerce the girls for information to track down their pimps.

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cxyomama-c's picture
Submitted by cxyomama-c on
Geez, female youth-on-female youth sexual violence, and "Police believe the girls acted on their own initiative and were not led by an adult." Bullsh*t, don't buy it, not for a minute. Some "adult" as in someone of adult age, some sexual perpetrator(s, plural) violated and betrayed these youngsters somewhere along the line, if not currently - showed them how and why to do it (look, money) whether the teaching was intended or not. No excuse for perpetration of harm on anyone at any age, and mark my words, see if an adult isn't fingered in this as these girls, under legal prosecution, begin to remember and be required to remember... truly have to iterate and face (read: Feel) the pain they caused upon others, and in themselves; the human pain of facing that despite the horrors of life growing up un-guided, maybe unmanageable by whomever was or tried to raise them, and probably without even a few honest dollars to spend most or all of their life, they truly are in essence like any young girls and break down in the reality of tears. Tears bring truth. Adult(s) in this somewhere. - Cx *[NOTE: ICTMN, please continue to cover this particular story and topic of what's called "human trafficking"? And kudos for the journalistic professionalism observed here re respectfully covering victims of sex crimes and intimate violence against women.