Yellow Bird Indian Dancers Perform Traditional Dance to keep London dry During Olympics


This is not the first time we've reported on panicky officials enlisting the help of American Indians in an effort to get Mother Nature to behave.

Last week British officials reached out to the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers and asked them to perform a traditional dance to "appeal to the Creator to hold back the rain," the Times Live reported.

British Airways flew the group out to help the notoriously rain-prone city stay dry during the Olympics.

"Over the past week I have begun daily prayers and requests to the Creator, asking him to speak to the rain on our behalf," said Chief Ken Duncan to the Times Live.

"I have visited and asked my spiritual elders from various tribes to pray with me. Many will be with me in spirit, and the prayers will continue until I return to Arizona."

The group includes Hoop dancing phenom Tony Duncan.

The Yellow Bird Dancers have no disappointed. So far, the weather has been as perfect as any reasonable person could hope for in typically wet England.

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Submitted by arizona on
(Still shaking my head in utter disbelief) First off, Ken Duncan is NOT a chief. I respect and could even say admire the Duncan family that comprises of Apache, Mandan-Hidatsa, Arikara tribes, but selling your heritage is a partially false manner is disrespectful to my ancestors, our people today, and the future tribal people of Apache heritage here in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. How could you support the media coverage that touts you (Ken Duncan) as a chief, when you are not my chief or any Apache chief? How could you perpetuate the "rain dance" belief and stereotype that encourages people to think Natives have some special power to hold off or bring ran? Ridiculous! If you really wanted to do some good, you should have stayed here in Arizona where we have drought conditions and NEED RAIN. How silly, how could you ask for rain to STOP falling? Mother Earth needs water. Humans need water, the planet has drought conditions and you and your family and the silly people in England asking for NO RAIN! SillysillysillySILLY! Please don't say you represent me, my family or my grandchildren or relatives here in the White Mountains for we worked very hard to have respectful representation of our culture and you just wrecked hundreds of years of cultural educational teaching by your HOOP DANCE....NOT A RAIN DANCE as billions now believes Natives can do. Sell-out is what I call it!