Obama Hedging on Oil Sands Pipeline

Obama Hedging on Oil Sands Pipeline


President Barack Obama has indicated he may want more information about the oil sands project in Alberta, Canada, before approving construction of the controversial TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline, Postmedia News and other media reported on April 7.

The approximately 2,000-mile pipeline would start in Alberta and wend its way south to refineries in the U.S., carrying tar-like bituminous crude that is extracted from oil sands in the Canadian province.

Obama said that just as environmental due diligence is done for gas pipelines to ensure that material does not leach into groundwater, so it must be done for oil.

“We've got to do some science there to make sure that the natural gas that we have in this country, we're extracting it in a safe way,” he said. “The same thing is true when it comes to oil that's being piped in from Canada.”

Last week in a speech he won kudos from the Canadian oil industry for his assertion that the U.S. would cut imports of foreign oil by one-third over the next decade, singling Canada out as a “steady and stable and reliable” source of oil, the Canadian Press said.

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Why don't we just transition to clean energy like solar and wind, and use these sources to power electric vehicles? Instead of spending trillions on unjust wars, why not subsidize rainwater tanks, clean energy, electric vehicles, and light rails? I've been living in Australia for two years, and the government here provides rebates for clean energy. The tribal nations should lead the way by becoming completely free of oil. This is a ridiculous and dangerous addiction we've got, and we need to be free of it!