Ben Boyd Hoop Dancing at the Midnight Sun Powwow in Fairbanks, Alaska

Watch the Incredible 67-Year Old Ben Boyd Hoop Dance at the Midnight Sun Inter-Tribal Powwow


This past July 13-15 in Fairbanks, Alaska, the crowd was treated to the incredible Ben Boyd, who at 67 is still Hoop Dancing.  In fact, Ben's been Hoop Dancing for 61-years. Ben was wowing the crowd at the Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow, which is the largest pow wow event in Alaska, attracting singers and pow wow dancers from all over Alaska and the Lower 48 states.

As the pow wow season winds down, we'll be putting up our favorite pow wow videos from this past year from all over the country.  As every pow wow season winds down, it offers up a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.  These awesome videos make it easy to feel like the future is a bright one indeed.

Keep dancing, Ben!

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Submitted by stonequarryrdz on
yes it does make and hope our future is a happy one indeed.. he makes , and reminds me..we are never to old .LOL. an Amazing man...thanks for sharing i will pass it on..