South Carolina Supreme Court Denies Rehearing for Baby Veronica Case

South Carolina Supreme Court Denies Rehearing for Baby Veronica Case


On August 23, the South Carolina Supreme Court denied a rehearing in the custody case of Baby Veronica.

Following a ruling in July, where the state’s highest court ruled in favor of the Indian Child Welfare Act affirming that Veronica would remain in Oklahoma with her biological father Dusten Brown. The two-year-old’s adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, requested the rehearing that was turned down according to a press release.

The only step left for the Capobiancos is to appeal to the United States Supreme Court – they have 90 days to do so.

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I applaud this ruling. The baby should be raised with her Cherokee Family. I have a grandbaby in Oklahoma who is living with a convicted felon and he will not let me see her or talk to her over the phone. My daughter died of an asthma attack and while she was in a coma, her father who is not Native told a judge in Oklahoma County District Court that my daughter had no property when the house she lived in was in her name at time of death on the Ok property website. Because he is a crook and has connections to crooked Judges he was able to get guardianship of my granddaughter. I have gone to my Tribal Court but the Judge their said she did not live on the reservation so it was not his jurisdiction. I paid for two attorneys in Oklahoma to remove that person as guardian and the Probate Judge would not hear the case even though I am full-blood Native American and my granddaughter would be able to be enrolled in my Tribe because of blood quantum. My daughter suffered from lack of oxygen and was brain-dead so they un-plugged her. The individual who has my granddaughter is trying to deprive my granddaughter of her Native American Heritage and Inheritance. I have not been able to see her since my daughter died in the hospital in 04.