Latest $1 Coin Celebrates 1621 Wampanoag Treaty


The 2011 Native American $1 coin, to be launched Jan. 12, pays tribute to the 1621 treaty between the Wampanoag tribe and the Pilgrims of Plymouth colony. The image on the obverse side remains that of Sacajawea, while the reverse side shows the hands of Supreme Sachem Ousamequin Massasoit and Governor John Carver exchanging a peace pipe. The treaty they signed in 1621, less than a year after the Mayflower arrived on Cape Cod and less than a month after the last of the Pilgrims left the ship for dry land, was the first formal written peace alliance between the Wampanoag tribe and the European settlers. Wampanoag leaders will join Andy Brunhart, United States Mint Deputy Director, at the Jan. 12 presentation at Plimoth Plantation Henry Hornblower II Visitor Center in Plymouth, Mass.

Link: United States Mint to Launch the 2011 Native American $1 Coin in Plymouth, Mass.

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Samuel Tanasie's picture
Samuel Tanasie
Submitted by Samuel Tanasie on
I have a coin Wampanoag Treaty 1621 and would like to know about the value of such currency ...

Fr. Victor's picture
Fr. Victor
Submitted by Fr. Victor on
"How much is it worth?" is the perfect question. It says $1.00 but SERIOUSLY? Are they gonna start handing them out to our people to buy commodity cheese? Horses? To buy back our land?

teri smith's picture
teri smith
Submitted by teri smith on
I have this coin wampanoag 1621 but don't know how much it worth? Can anybody tell me.

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