Studi and Bedard rehearsing for their performance of 'The Beloved Woman'

Video: Wes Studi and Irene Bedard Discuss 'The Beloved Woman'


In July of 2012, Wes Studi, Best known for his movie roles in Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo and box-office blockbuster Avatar, and Irene Bedard, who served as the voice and model for the animated film Pocahontas and played Suzy Song in Smoke Signals, joined forces to appear in Colonial Williamsburg’s production of “The Beloved Woman,” as part of a 5-day “Return of the Cherokee” program in Williamsburg, Virginia. Generally considered a pro-colonialist historical attraction—all tri-cornered hats and cannons—Colonial Williamsburg has recently taken steps to embrace the Native contribution to America’s Colonial history. While Bedard (Alaska Native) and Studi (Cherokee) would both concede that Colonial Williamsburg glorifies the era of colonialism, they expressed appreciation to be part of the greater awareness that is allowing Natives their rightful place in history, in among the Redcoats and revolutionaries. In the following video, both stars, as well as a couple of the event's organizers, speak with ICTMN reporter Vincent Schilling.

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I really liked the clip, it was really good and interesting. Wes Studi and Irene Bedard are two of the finest actors around.