Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, left, keeping an eye on the action during shooting in Monument Valley in July.

'Lone Ranger' Casting Call: Filmmakers Seek L.A.-Based Natives to Recreate Comanche Village


Disney Studios, the production company behind the much-discussed mega-project The Lone Ranger, has put out a call for "Mexican and Native American Women, Children, and elderly Men to work on the film as fully paid featured background performers."

As we recently reported, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has said that the film is nearly wrapped. Location shooting, which took place in Monument Valley, seems to be done with. The current casting call is for scenes of a Comanche village, which will be shot in or near Los Angeles. The film stars Armie Hammer as the title character, Johnny Depp as Tonto, and is directed by Gore Verbinski.

Some specifics about what the casting agents are looking for:

Mexican or Native American Women, ages 18-80: Very natural, period look. No contemporary hair styles. No tattoos. No highlights.

Mexican or Native American Men, ages 50-80: Must have long hair. Very natural period look. No tattoos. No dyed hair.

Mexican or Native American Children, any age: Must be able to portray 1800's period look.

For more information, including instructions on how to apply, visit

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curtj's picture
Submitted by curtj on
Noing like casting the Indigenous in the subordinate and gopher roles. Ugh and How comes to mind. Movies and documentaries here in Alaska demeans the Indigenous by making it appear they starve, are shiftless and are unable to fend for themselves. The depictions are that white colored people are the only ones able to hunt and save villages of brown colored people from starvation. Even with multiple daily regular scheduled commuter flights into and out of villages, to -40 and -50 below, grocery stores selling fresh produce and inflated priced meats, we are depicted as shiftless, illiterate, welfare chasing savages.

deedee's picture
Submitted by deedee on
How sad!! Look at this picture: All the Hollywood Fat Cats laughing all the way to the bank, meanwhile here comes the poor 1800's Indian again for a little handout. 1st they wanted our food, then our land, now we all need to stay looking like the 1800’s Village Indian. According to Hollywood, We, as a Ppl have not moved beyond the 1800’s…

thinkaboutit's picture
Submitted by thinkaboutit on
I wonder if Disney Studios is only accepting Mexicans and Native Americans only? Or can Guatemalans, Puerto Ricans and Brazilians apply? OR ..... can just anybody with brown skin and "the look" play an Indian role? Hmmmm?

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Runing wolf
Submitted by Runing wolf on
Chiricahua Apache male 52 I fit your calling call can I send a photo by e male or something in L.A. at this time.

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Runing Wolf
Submitted by Runing Wolf on
I fit your desciption your are looking for male 52 natural looking "lone ranger" Chiricahua Apache. Trying to send Info to you but your email address is coming back to me ? Runing wolf @

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Runing wolf
Submitted by Runing wolf on
are you still casting for native american males can I get some feed back