The sacred site of Pe' Sla in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Great Sioux Nation needs to raise a total of $9 million by the end of November.

Great Sioux Nation Comes Together in Historic Gesture of Unity in the Name of Sacred Pe’Sla

Vincent Schilling

In the first time since the Battle of Little Big Horn, the Great Sioux Nation has stated publicly that they have come together in a committed gesture of unity in their efforts to reclaim the sacred site of Pe’ Sla.

On Friday, October 5 tribal leaders of the Great Sioux Nation met in Rapid City, South Dakota to discuss collaborative efforts and steps to take in order to re-obtain nearly 2,000 acres of sacred land known in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Though tribal leaders did not reveal to the public specific details about their discussions, in his first statement to the press, appointed Great Sioux Nation spokesperson and Rosebud Sioux Tribe Chairman Cyril “Whitey” Scott told ICTMN, “This is a historic day in Indian Country.”

“We are coming together as the Great Sioux Nation. We are one,” he said. “No tribe will be left behind. The last time we had gathered as one was during the Battle of Little Bighorn. Today we are all back together as one.”

Scott said all of the tribes collectively agreed he would be speaking on their behalf.

“They made me the spokesperson of all the tribes here in Rosebud. Our only comment at this time is that we are all united as the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires) as it should be, to move forward to obtain these sacred lands.”

Scott said that though the tribes are not yet releasing any details on how the tribes would share the cost of purchasing Pe’ Sla, he stated definitively that the meeting was a historic and positive step for the collective group of tribes that would now consider themselves all part of the Great Sioux Nation.

“We are going to have another meeting toward the end of the month and then we will be releasing a full-blown press release,” he said. “What we want to give out now is that we are united and we are one in the hunt for our sacred lands.”

“It is very historic what went on there today—the discussion was great, we spoke as one and we came out as one. That is where we are at right now,” he said. “We are one people once again. We are together.”

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vallejo01's picture
Submitted by vallejo01 on
"Unified" until the sun goes down and the beer stores open up. There was another large gathering of Plains tribes back in 98 at the university of nebraska where 17 tribes came together to rescue Indian remains. However, at the urging of two specific people, 16 of those tribes accepted a rock and check for $700.00 as reparation for the desecration and destruction of Indian remains. And by the way, will we be seeing Russ and Tom claiming this tract of land for their "republik of Lakota?" after everyone else does the work?

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Submitted by ajross on
I posted this on my facebook page: The Great Sioux Nation is getting together to reclaim their land. It is fitting on this ridiculus "holiday" weekend. To my friends and family , I am not directing criticiism at anyone in particular. The celebration of Columbus is naive at best , but more like an orgy of savage bullying , theft . From my perspective the historical time , 1490 AD , was a time of pain inflicted on Sicily by yet another invader , the Spanish. While they did not lay waste to the land and inhabitants , they enforced their "superior" Catholic church decree of "Expulsion ". This meant that all non-christians , in Sicily that meant Jews and any Muslims hanging around, had to convert or get the hell out. Through the DNA tests I have found that there just may be ( I emphasize "may be " ) an ancestor in my paternal side who may have been Jewish , if so he must have converted. So the Spaniards and the capitano del Genovese Colone ( Columbo ) wrecked the lives of the folks they encoutered in the "new world" , and at the same time they , the Spanish crown , were seizing property and forcing Sicilians to flee . You think this is a time to celebrate ?

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Submitted by michellehesse on
I really hope the land can be reclaimed. In my opinion, it should not have to be bought, it was yours to start with...

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Submitted by trickzta on
Hope you get your sacred land back. May the winds of change bring good fortune to all who need it to reclaim what is rightfully yours. Peace.