Concordia University will soon be the first university in Quebec to offer a bachelor's degree in First Peoples studies.

Concordia Will Soon Become First University in Quebec to Offer Indigenous Studies Degree


While Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec has offered a major in First Peoples studies since 2010, students can’t graduate with a degree in it until it’s approved by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport, which is expected to happen next fall.

Canadian University Press (CUP) reports this would make Concordia the first university in Quebec to offer a bachelor’s degree with a major concentration in First Peoples studies.

“We’re really in the very final stage now of having it approved—it took a lot of time,” Daniel Salée, the school’s principal, told CUP. “But we’re confident that this year should be the year where we’ll be able to finalize the whole thing and have it approved officially.”

Getting that final approval involves answering a series of questions concerning program financing, projected enrollment and curriculum content.

The major and minor programs were approved by Concordia’s Senate in 2006. Salée explained to CUP that it’s taken so long to get external approval because this program will be the first of its kind in Quebec.

“No other university in Quebec has a similar program ... so there was a lot of discussion internally. For example, one of the big issues was how do we integrate Aboriginal methodologies into a Western-type curriculum,” he told CUP.

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Now this is a degree worth having. If it's available on-line, I will enroll.