Rickie Fowler was part of the 12-golfer NB3 Foundation Challenge

Native Golfer Rickie Fowler Says He’s Losing Twitter Followers Because He Supports Romney


As Golf.com recently reported, PGA Tour star golfer Rickie Fowler, who’s of Navajo descent, says his supporting presidential candidate Mitt Romney is costing him followers on Twitter.

After Tuesday’s presidential debate Fowler Tweeted (@RickieFowlerPGA) several times about the drops, including this:

"Funny how people will unfollow me just because I support Romney...seems smart...made my pick...make yours and vote #simple"

and this:

"Also...people who unfollow me...u don't have to let me know you did so...getting a tweet from u makes me feel better tho :) #yourchoice"

According to the Golf.com article, Fowler still had 412,452 followers at the time their article was posted and he is undoubtedly one of the most popular PGA Tour players who use Twitter. They also obtained stats from TwitterCounter.com which indicated that "Fowler has only netted two negative days during debate season: He lost 1,375 followers in wake of the first face-off, and 75 after the VPs went head to head."

Overall, the story notes, Fowler's gained more than 6,000 fans since October 1 and gains an average of 218 per day.

The 23-year-old got his first Tour win this May at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. In August, Fowler joined Tiger Woods and other golf stars at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York for the NB3 Challenge, which is a benefit tournament for Notah Begay III's NB3 Foundation, a charity that helps youth throughout Indian Country. In 2011, the young golfer started his own charity, the Rickie Fowler Foundation, which helps Native American and Asian American youth.

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Submitted by sasuweh on
I hope his fund to support Indians and Asians is a whole lot of money,to make up for all the federal programs that will be cut under Romney, that real Indian people, in many cases the life line for our children and elders? He might have to drop those Asians, I really don’t think a story about a poor uninformed kid losing his tweets is much of a story, when there are so many real issues in Indian Country.