November is recognized as NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH and Indian Country Today Media Network will be celebrating every day of the month.

According to the 2010 Census, there are over 5.2 million American Indian and Alaska Native people and there are 566 federally recognized tribal nations that exist as sovereign nations within 33 states of the United States. In November, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the modern and the traditional cultures, peoples and societies of Native Americans. It’s also an occasion to highlight the important contributions of Native peoples and explore the shared histories between tribal nations.

In 1915, Blackfeet Red Fox James rode on horseback from state to state, advocating for an official national day of recognition for Native peoples. He eventually obtained the support of 24 state governments, and he presented this to the White House. Although James’s efforts did not lead to an official day of national recognition that year, his spirit and drive are honored today and throughout the entire NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH.

Please look for our special NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH coverage in November. Each day ICTMN will be presenting dedicated stories, photos, information about events and causes and more. And we welcome your participation. What does NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH mean to you? Send us your poems, stories and photos for possible publication to

Together, we hope to foster a collective understanding and sense of unity among all peoples around the celebration of Native peoples during the month of November.

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We want to respectfully bring your attention to two things today, one is that a So. Cal woman, Apache Nation and garden grove resident Niko Black,terminally ill from cancer,has been forcibly evicted from her home of 20 years. Ms. Black doesn't even have a mortgage with Wells Fargo, the lender in question, yet they filed using fraudulent docs-and the judge sided with her-she posted the copies of the ruling on her front door. But this didn't stop the sheriff's Dept. from evicting her at gunpoint ! First heard about this shameful incident on the radio and Googled it further. Her friend, Linda Rife has launched a petition drive on, and you can see the situation. And there is a book, "Clouded Titles" which goes into the many dirty tricks that brokers/agents/lenders use to trick owners into signing away their homes through "legalese" that average people don't know. This should be a deja vu moment for Native Americans, since their are new treaties drawn up that strip Americans (and Canadians)of their rights, that the trator mainstream medias won't warn us of,as they are signed behind closed doors. This Fascist practice must be denounced for what it is. is one useful source. This country claims it's the most just, so we will hold those in charge to that.