Nupa White Plume, one of the Lakota Five runners

Pine Ridge Lakota Marathon Runners Safe, Helping New York Recover After Hurricane Sandy


As ICTMN recently reported five young Lakota runners came to the Big Apple to take on the NYC Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, November 4, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the proposed Allen Youth Center on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Lakota Five, as they refer to themselves, hope to raise $18,000 to donate to the development and construction of the much-needed youth center.
Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy hit, forcing New York to cancel the Marathon. Disappointed but displaying the spirit that distinguishes these five remarkable young Lakota, they have been volunteering in the area to help the city recover from the devastating storm.  ICTMN contributor Cliff Matias has been with them and will be updating Indian Country on their efforts later today. One Spirit Director Jeri Baker tells ICTMN, "It is their desire to be of help while they are here to the areas that are so much in need."

The New York mainstream press has also been captivated by these amazing young athletes. In today's Daily News, a feature story can be found profiling them and their efforts to help their fellow Pine Ridge youth.
The runners are sponsored by One Spirit, which is based in Rapid City, South Dakota. One Spirit is a Native American service organization founded to assist and support American Indians. At present, their focus is on the Lakota in South Dakota, including Pine Ridge.
You can get more information about the Lakota Five, and help their efforts, by visiting their fund-raising page here.

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Submitted by lolly on
I just read this, and there are tears of hope and joy in my eyes. To see young people, who live in such a hard place themselves, helping others so unselfishly is amazing. My heart sings for all of you. Thank you so much for showing the world what honor and compassion really look like.