Is This Veterans Day 'Salute' Offensive?


Last week, NFL players wore camouflage-patterned stickers on their helmets and coaches wore ribbons attached to their shirts. Well, except for Mike Shanahan, head coach of the Washington Redskins. Was that a slight against Veterans? As Travis Waldron at notes, there aren't any easy answers here. Native Americans have historically volunteered to serve at a per capita rate higher than any other ethnic group. But the same U.S. Military previously sought out to destroy Native Nations. We need only consider the Wounded Knee Massacre to start. But the image shown above is what the Washington club is running on their website. Is this offensive? Readers are encourage to comment.

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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
A valid ICTMN question that should be directly TWEETED or directly FACEBOOKED to our newly-elected U.S. President considering he is the Commander-In-Chief of all ACTIVE US Govt. military branches/services. By questioning his constitutional authority, he should be given opportunity TO AT LEAST (minimum) disavow or disassociate the ACTIVE military from this ‘offensive’ but Proud National Sports Emblem. AFTERALL, his RE election (HELPED by American Indian nations) broke the myth of a Washington Redskin lost to losing a Presidential re-election. The hype over social media communications (TWEET, FACEBOOK) in the face of Middle Eastern “Springs”, ICTMN celebrity coverage over “No Doubt”, etc., would certainly lend credibility to what TWEETERS and a US President can accomplish. Being a ‘recognized’ champion to racial equality as well PUBLICLY DECLARING or SPEAKING on national news, celebrity gossips/scandals, it would be an honor to hear President Barack Obama’s personal comments or his views of this ‘offensive’ promotion by a US national and Global Sport network organization. Being a name-appointed - “Brother” “Son” or “One Who Helps”, would be another opportunity for Indian Nations and indian people to ask for a return favor. “Yo, Mr. President can you spare a quarter”? Move-over…..No Doubt….and The Gap “Manifest Destiny”! As the ICTMN Staff and supporters having more pressing tasks at hand!