Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford

Karlie Kloss Aimed to Hurt Cherokee Ex-Boyfriend With Inappropriate Outfit?


Was Victoria's Secret angel Karlie Kloss trying to get back at ex-flame Sam Bradford by wearing an Indian-themed headdress and get-up in a recent runway show?

Cherokees are chattering that the obvious slight was meant to be an arrow through the heart of Bradford, a citizen of the tribe and current St. Louis Rams quarterback.

All was well with the couple earlier this year when they were caught kissing at a music festival in California in April. But the relationship apparently soured fast—to the point of Kloss being willing to mock Bradford’s culture.

The last laugh goes to the Heisman Trophy winner for now with the love-scorned attempt backfiring big time on the sexy model, having generated major controversy in Indian country, with some Indians saying she is racially insensitive and needs to apologize—not only to Bradford but all of Native America.

Meanwhile, Kloss is said to now be dating NYC-based investor Joshua Kushner, brother of media mogul Jared Kushner, who himself is married to Ivanka Trump. Hopefully that relationship lasts forever, or Mr. Kushner had better watch out.

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Submitted by curtj on
Watch out for what? Indigenous leaders refuse to educate themselves on the history of this country, starting with the first illegal European immigrant. Indigenous leaders are becoming like the white man. Selfserving backstabbing crooks. They are stuck into thinking and making decisions based on colonialistic parameters foisted on them by the feds and states. Our leaders refuse to think for themselves and ask the world what gives the feds and states the right to plop themselves in the middle of indigenous lands and say they own it. Our leaders are content to allow outsiders squat on their lands and steal the resources, often recieving kickbacks and bribe money that goes only to the so called leaders and their families pockets. Like the white man.

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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
If the power to 'believe' in voting for Barack Obama is the reason for this 2nd term, then WHY CAN"T you have the power to 'BELIEVE' in voting for a reasonable TRIBAL NATION GOVERNMENT? The Federal Government nor can Barack Obama continue to make 'promises' as there is NO FEDERAL money left!

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Submitted by canucee on
ICTMN now stoops to conjured celebrity gossip? As if the stereotype NA mockery of this fashion disaster isn't bad enough. ICTMN please check your facts: 1)Who selects a model's outfit for any Victoria's Secret production, be it runway, still photo or other media? 2) Does a VS model have any influence or final say in the choice of what her/his job requires they wear? Suggest fact check before perpetuating ever-more gossip in Indian Country.

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Submitted by jabatx on
Agreed; please fact check and verify before posting something like this. Did Kloss ever discuss heritage w/Bradford? Who verified that she -- as an individual -- was mocking his culture/background? Who can verify she was knowingly and maliciously wearing the war bonnet, or is she -- like many -- completely ignorant of the slight? And as another poster mentioned, what control did she have over what she was wearing? And please don't hide behind a generic "staff" login for something so poorly researched. This isn't news; it's gossip.