Honour Song for Roberta McIvor


An honor song for Roberta McIvor, one of the many aboriginal women who have gone missing or been murdered.

Read Valerie Taliman's first story in a series on the 2011 Walk4Justice here.

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Submitted by Bruno on
they owe us Individual Indians nothing. Then what? OST is a ciurcs of events that wasted billions in an expensive appearance of trust reform and still is today.It seems all federal organizations that services Indian property is reported as corrupt and broken. Why?Tribes and Individual Indians had the greatest opportunity to band and charge the enemy in the battlefield of law to correct the past and fix the future and we failed. It seems Tribes think the Individual Indian is a foreigner on their lands. It seems Tribes think of us as a dis-enrolled squatter. What they should know is the same trust that Cobell was trying to fix is also the tribal trust. The same government that destroyed tribal lands and money also governs the Individual Indian lands and money. The same government that administers broken trust services to Tribes also administers to Individual Indians. We have the same enemy but we were never on the same side.Over the past century, the broken trust responsibility is justification for many lawyers to be hired by Tribes, Individual Indians and the government for lawsuits of Indian claims. If the broken government trust was recognized and enforced as a public trust from the beginning then Indian services would have been protected, enforced and provided more money to Tribes and Individual Indians then to all others. So why fix it when Indians get poorer and others get richer all from Indian property and assets. It was once said that crime doesn’t pay, in the Indians’ case crime does pay.I believe the Lamberth court investigations and the Cobell Legal Team have provided the ultimate evidence of a broken government and now a Court system. Regardless of smoking gun evidence there will be no justice for Indians ever. In my opinion, I don’t think there will ever be another lawsuit similar to Cobell because many records have been destroyed and now the government controls the rest.I was not in the Courtroom but witnessed a government gone wild and rogue. This government was imploding and drafted every deceitful action possible to undermine Cobell. The government learned new things from Cobell but already knew that Indian Country lacked unity. They knew we would fight amongst ourselves and counted on it. Without unity, federal Indian business will be samo-samo. Could Indians ever organize a million man march on Washington DC?It’s easy, the settlement award is optional. The equitable award will never be known because of the governments’ reckless performance.Opt out and wait for another claimant with funding to file another lawsuit and attempt to get more money or file individually. Who has more money, you or the U.S? You are not forced to sell your land or interest but understand the same broken government is still in charge. What you will eventually see is the Government keeping the lawsuit in court forever, litigate until you are broke, you die or forced to accept minimum. If your land is in sole ownership then take control of it yourself. Land fractionation will only get worse and more co-owners will be added on to the hundreds already there.Opt in and accept your award, sell your small land interest to the Tribe and participate in a land program that will create a greater economic land policy that will build a larger and productive Native Nation.I don’t think there will ever be another legal team more effective then the Cobell attorneys. I wish the going rate for class action attorney’s fees was up front but that must be the going rate. I wish the attorneys get their new fee’s but from new money if not then Thank You Ms. Cobell and Mr. Dennis Gingold for court work that will probably be never done again.Thomas M. WabnumPrairie Band PotawatomiIIM AccountholderBIA/OST retired