Buffalo Prep Educates Minority Students


Buffalo Prep, a nonprofit in Buffalo, New York offers programs to economically disadvantaged minority youth, including Native American students. This video, posted on YouTube September 6, 2011, gives an overview of the programs offered and the successes of students who attended Buffalo Prep.

The school has middle school, high school and college prep programs that help academically talented youth through every stage of their education.

Application information for the Summer 2012 programs will be available in January at Buffaloprep.com.

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Kudos to Cobell for pursuing jucsite for her people, Natives of any Nation, tribe and band! Mr Dorgan, my heartfelt thanks in standing up for my people! I, for one agree wholeheartedly, the money is long overdue in coming to the Native, and the attorneys working towards resolving this issue have my respect but PLEASE, keep in mind you would not have the job you have if this was not the will of the people. Injustice by the government must stop, and remember whom you represent, not yourselves but us! More money in your pockets will not meet the needs of my people who have always ever been on the down side when the United States needed what we had!