Geronimo Going Viral

Geronimo Going Viral


As suggested in one of the comments on our Facebook page,  we are initiating a Facebook campaign. Indian Country Today Media Network is asking all its Facebook fans to change their image to one of Geronimo if they are interested in making a public statement. Here is our post:

To honor the true spirit of an incredible warrior and Native icon, we ask that for the next two days everyone change their Facebook profile picture to that of Geronimo. Thank you to Alicia Adams for posting the idea behind this campaign.

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gamma's picture
Submitted by gamma on
Now everyone in Germany will change their Facebook picture to Geronimo :)

tressia's picture
Submitted by tressia on
I posted my Geronimo picture, will you?

famfrankie's picture
Submitted by famfrankie on
it is a good idea to change facebook photo profile to geronimo to show Resistance some of started before you mentioned the idea a group of 50 of us members are outrage like the rest of Indian country for the insensitive toward Native people also this constant religious and culure intolerance needs to stop immediately its gonna take way more so shoot your arrows in the four directions and get them smoke signals out in the spirit of crazy horse amerikkka never wants to admit and apologize for its wrongs to native people they still dont want to apologize to what they did to our native children in the indian boarding school wont even let Leonard Peltier granted clemency