Navajo artist Darlene Ortiz of Chicago displayed her beadwork at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian’s 2011 Native American Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar. Ortiz will return for the 2012 bazaar.

Expert Native Artists Exhibiting at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian's Holiday Bazaar December 1-2


Native American artists from around the Upper Midwest will offer authentic, handmade, traditional and contemporary art and craft items at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian’s annual Native American Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, December 2, from noon to 4 p.m. The bazaar will take place in the Mitchell Museum’s 3009 Central Street building in Evanston, Illinois, next door to the museum.

Native exhibitors from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin will be selling work ranging from ink drawings, beadwork, and corn husk dolls to jewelry, pottery, children’s quilts, wood flutes, and more. Exhibitors retain all proceeds from their sales. Artists and artisans will give presentations and demonstrate their techniques during the two-day event.

More than a dozen exhibitors are expected, including artists who are Apache, Cherokee, Chippewa, Dakota, Ho-Chunk, Mohawk, Navajo, Omaha, and Seneca-Cayuga, among others.

The preliminary exhibitor line-up includes:

• Juan Cruz (Mixtec/Cherokee):  Native flutes, jewelry, herbal salves and oils

• Patricia Gardner (Mohawk): dichroic glass jewelry, beadwork, corn husk dolls

• Mary Jane Holat (Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa):  clay pottery figurines, ornaments, and plates

• Marcie McIntire (Ojibwa): beadwork and bead embroidery

• Amelia Ortiz (Ho-Chunk): beadwork

• Darlene Ortiz (Navajo): beadwork

• Julia Page (Eastern Band of Cherokee): feather earrings, paintings, painted garden rocks.

• Don and Joanne Perret (Pomo and Penobscot) of Native Visions trading company: Navajo and Santa Domingo jewelry; Hopi kachina dolls; Acoma, Santa Clara, and Hopi  pottery

• Norma Robertson (Dakota): beadwork

• Sharon Skolnick (Fort Sill Apache): dolls, paintings

• Cyndee Fox-Starr and Josee Starr (Omaha/Odawa/Arikara): beadwork, earrings, star quilt tote bags, hand drum bags, pillows, beaded key holders

• Robert Wapahi (Dakota): drawings

• Phyllis Bearskin Zuffante (Seneca-Cayuga/Chickasaw): beadwork

Admission to the Native American Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar is $5 for adults, which includes admission to the museum. Bazaar admission is free for children ages 12 and younger and for Mitchell Museum members. For further details, visit the museum's website by clicking here.Mohawk artist Patricia Gardner of Plymouth, Mich., brought her handmade dolls, glass jewelry, and other wares to the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian’s 2011 Native American Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar. Gardner will return for the 2012 bazaar. (Nathan J. Silverman)

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This seems an extremely interesting event, unfortunatly I won't be able to be there, because I live far away... in Italy. Do the artists sell some of their items on line? If so, would it be possible to have their web sites? My email is