Senator Lisa Murkowski delivering the response to the State of the Indian Nations address on January 27, 2011

Sen. Murkowski Raises Awareness of Alaska Native Health Disparities


Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, recently commemorated “Minority Health Awareness,” a resolution to address health disparities faced by minorities at disproportionate rates as well as a lack of access to health care. The resolution, put forward by Senator Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, passed the Senate unanimously, stated a May 18 news release.

“Alaska Natives, and many minorities nationwide, suffer health problems at an alarmingly high rate,” said Murkowski, the lead Republican co-sponsor on the resolution. “There are many reasons and many factors at play--but the first step to fixing the problem, simply, is spotlighting the problem through information.”

Sen. Murkowski's news release highlighted the health issues afflicting American Indians and Alaska Natives, who have a life expectancy 5.2 years less than the national average. The Department of Health and Human Services lists the five most fatal diseases and health problems among American Indians and Alaska Natives as heart disease, malignant neoplasm, unintentional injuries, diabetes and stroke.

“Compared to most American communities, heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis and alcoholism are rampant in Alaska Native and American Indian populations,” Murkowski said. “And by this resolution my colleagues and I are saying ‘It doesn’t have to be this way.’  There’s no reason for a man in Shaktoolik or a woman in Selawik to have worse odds of a long, healthy life than the average American.”

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The disparity is that Native Americans or Alaskan Natives are not that far removed from our "hunter-gatherer" ancestors. Since we as a people became colonized and forced to conform to the capitalistic culture of our invaders; its only right that we "eat" like them. Unknowingly, Natives are more at risk to diabetes and countless other illnesses because they are gluten-intolerant and addicted to sugar. It has come to my attention that sugar is a drug that acts upon the opioid receptors the same way as heroin. Obesity is a result of mainly sugar addiction. Its genetic in the sense that; none of us were meant to eat this way. Go back to being hunter-gatherers and back away from the sugar, pasta, rice, and dairy products. These government people are just protecting their asses because the "shit" aka "sugar" will hit the fan sooner or later. The sugar industry is going to go down in the way that the tobacco industry is currently! It begins with the SUGAR ADDICTION EPIDEMIC! FIGHT AND RESIST YOUR CRAVINGS! CRAVINGS, CRAVINGS, CRAVINGS! JUST LIKE WHISKEY, CRACK, CRANK, COCAINE, HYDROCODONE, AND HEROIN! Indians were not meant to have "cravings". Telling people that a drug is a food is a sneaky way to get someone turned on and then forcing them to watch commercials day in and day out through this "dumb box" media device; used mainly to brainwash our people into thinking they need a given product, when in reality, in the words of the late-great John Lennon: All You Need Is Love!