Testosterone Supplements To Help Men Lose Belly Fat, Prevent Diabetes


The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is bankrolling a $4.8 million study in Australia to test whether men can shed pounds and prevent diabetes through testosterone supplements, coupled with a dedicated weight-loss program through Weight Watchers.

"We know that as men get older and gain weight—especially when they become large around the belly—they often suffer from reduced testosterone levels," the leader of the study, Professor Gary Wittert from the University of Adelaide's School of Medicine, told newswise. "Lower testosterone has many implications for men's health, such as reduced motivation to exercise and lack of sexual function. It is also closely associated with type 2 diabetes, which is an enormous health burden for Australia."

Researchers are currently recruiting up to 1,500 Australian men, ages 50-74, most at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, to participate in the two-year study, known as T4DM (Testosterone 4 the prevention of Diabetes Mellitus).

"By giving testosterone supplements to men in that critical pre-diabetes stage, and by putting them on a dedicated weight-loss program, we expect to see sustained reductions in weight and a reduced chance to develop type 2 diabetes."

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Jon's picture
Submitted by Jon on
I can think of a dozen ways this could go wrong. For one, it's known that users of anabolic steroids are at higher risk for heart attack for numerous reasons. And since diabetics are already prone to heart attacks, for various reasons. A good diabetes treatment is known as a gym. Vegetables would also be nice. (By vegetables, I mean carrots and tomatos. You don't have to go vegan. You don't have to eat lots of jungle juices from the tropics that only Hollywood types can afford anyway.) Avoiding white bread and white rice would help too. Sadly, not all reservations have access to decent food. Or you can just take supplements that are completely unregulated because, ooh, the alternative medicine crowd pushed for them to be unregulated back in the 90s. Seriously. Look up DSHEA.

Ray Cook,'s picture
Ray Cook,
Submitted by Ray Cook, on
My doctor tells me testosterone supplements increase risks for prostate cancer.

GulnaraSevaliko's picture
Submitted by GulnaraSevaliko on
Both comments make great points- testosterone CAN be dangerous for some-lack of zinc can irritate the prostate,along with nitrate-cured meats, bad fats. Rooibose tea is naturally sweet and fools the body into dropping pounds. Dr.Oz is a great source of info for this kind of thing, please look it up. And present day wheat is the dwarf durum variety that triggers inflammation,in most packaged mixes and foods, now would be a good time for all tribes to consider planting ,using, selling their own organic wheat ,without that GMO-like effect from dwarf wheat strains.

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Submitted by robertpatrick on
Obese men lack testosterone and they they sure have chance to develop erectile problems.