Representing the Navajo Nation are Superintendent Andrew M. Tah; Vice President Rex Lee Jim; and Dr. Kalvin White. (Photo courtesy Navajo Department of Diné Education)

Navajo Nation Gains Access to Utah Education Data



A Memorandum of Understanding signed January 10 between the Utah State Board of Education and the Navajo Department of Diné Education (NNDODE) will give the Navajo Nation access to assessment data for Navajo students in third through 12th grades.
The nation feels this will help enable better evaluation of the success of Navajo students in Utah public schools. The data will also be used to establish a baseline so interventions and alternatives can be recommended for Navajo students.
“We care for the education of our children.  We also understand the importance of education in the lives of people,” Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim said at the meeting. “We know what it means to have access to data. Data is critical for the development of curriculum that is appropriate and that is effective and efficient. ”

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What a great nation of people to care so much for their children to challenge federal access to educational information. They truly do care about their children!!

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It is great that the State of Utah has the ears of Navajo. Hoping that the States of Arizona and New Mexico do the same, if they haven't already done so. Actually, it is the school districts that should be at the forefront in providing these baseline information to the Nation.