Fancy shawl dancer Veronica Toledo, center, of Farmington performs during the 44th Annual Western Navajo Fair Powwow, on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 20, 2012, in Tuba City. (Diego James Robles)

2012 Western Navajo Fair Powwow in Photos

Diego James Robles

What a difference a year can make. That was certainly true for the 44th Annual Western Navajo Fair Powwow in Tuba City, Arizona, which exceeded all expectations with its large turnout and exceptional organization. Starting on October 19 and concluding after midnight the following evening, the event demonstrated how good a usually small pow wow can be when the right people are in charge.

Many attendees were startled to see that the pow wow was held in a very large and elegant white tent. This came as a pleasant surprise after last year’s event, whose site was a rundown arbor. But maybe the new venue shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, given that the new pow wow boss was none other than the trusted Wanda Brown.

Veronica Toledo
“This year we got a big 100-by-200-foot tent accommodating everything and everyone,” pow wow coordinator Brown said. “We decided to go big and people seem to really like it.”
In her first year coordinating the event, Brown credited her hard working staff for making her look good. She praised the Western Navajo Fair committee for putting their full support behind her and the pow wow and event sponsor for much of the infrastructure, including the tent.

More than 100 dancers participated in Saturday afternoon’s grand entry, with a number of them attending the event for the first time. Many were curious to see for themselves if this pow wow had improved under new management. The answer was a resounding yes.
Visiting the Western Navajo Fair Powwow for the first time, northern traditional dancer Earl Sherman of Twin Lakes, New Mexico described the venue as something to be admired after a long pow wow season full of less than optimal conditions. Sherman, who is usually in Phoenix at this time of year, decided to come with his whole family.
“The atmosphere here is so much better,” Sherman said. “Other places are rocky and dusty and here the gate people are nice to us.”




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my Cheyenne In Laws have their Pow Wow out doors when weather permits. It's an awesome feeling.

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I am so proud of the way of life of the navajo nation,their people,I have seen many changes over the decades in a very positive way,I am very proud to say we are strong people,creative we love our way of life,even though we can,t bring back the past. we focus on our future today.many moons ago there was a great up-set,our land was taken,our people destroid,our way of life was in anger,bitterness. and now today there are many changes in our people and in the world today. Yes people have changed over many years, I am so proud to see that change,it starts from within the heart,like an eagle,s wing we sore to new heights, there are many new beginings in our way of life. my brothers,sisters lets stay strong in each other,s way of life,be strong,be proud,always remember change comes within. by big brother sheldon dods guitar man p.s love you all alway,s 1-30-2013