Henry Louis Gates Jr. hosts Finding Your Roots on PBS.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Answers Genealogy Questions


To kick off Black History Month, Henry Louis Gates, host of the PBS series Finding Your Roots, will be answering genealogy questions on a blog called The Root.

He explains how he became enamored with genealogy when he began delving into his own family’s past.

The first question he answers is about researching a family member the reader believes was a Creek Indian from Tennessee who was brought to Ohio.

To answer, Gates enlists help from the New England Historic Genealogical Society and suggests looking for formal county court records in which the family member’s name is mentioned. He then points the reader to the U.S. Census records in Ohio.

To read Gates’ full answer, visit TheRoot.com.

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walkingstick's picture
Submitted by walkingstick on
dear mr. gates my g.g.grandmother was full cherokee b. 1832 in coats veiw, pa ancestry.tells me. i do not know that happened to her i find her in the chruch records as a infant in st. lukes church pastor rodney in 1833 she was taken by a mrs. wooler. and than i lose her and again pick her up in 1850 census living with a family .i can not understand if she was a slave. i pretty sure she was. but she did not say she was indian for her lifetime. she say she was white. she married my g. g.grandfather in england and had chidlren my g.uncles. i am indian and not afaird to say so. cherokee. so im wondering about her life and her parents lifes. as indians. why did the white man take avanage of these people they stole the land all of the u.s. they killed the indians. cheifs im so fed up that i what to let her heritage be known that she was full cherokee and now i can tell her story. as a slave gril.

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Lois Whitlow
Submitted by Lois Whitlow on
We were told by our mother that her dad was a full blooded Indiana, and that his mother had a bad illness and passed away in the hospital when he was a small infant. He was adopted by a white man with the last name of Ford in Louisville, Ky. When he was a young boy he ran away and met a black family and lived with them until he married Rebecca Irving. I was later put in the church records that he was an Indiana child. He was born in 1882 and passed away in l936 in Mead County, Ky. In world war I he registered for the military in 1917-1918, Jefferson County, Ky. Male #M1509-Image #01622 My mother and her sisters didn't know what tribe he came from. we would like to know if possible. If you can help me, you may contact me at ljowhit@comcast.net