White House Launches Centralized Site for Indian Country

White House Launches Centralized Site for Indian Country


There have been ups and downs when it comes to President Barack Obama’s clout in Indian country since his platform run that consisted of improving the quality of life for American Indians throughout the country.

On the upside since his presidency Indian country has seen the permanent authorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, the Tribal Law and Order Act, Cobell and Keepseagle settlements, and two Tribal Summits.

The cons since taking office have consisted of budget cuts in Native programs, a constant battle over a Carcieri fix, the amount of the Cobell settlement and the use of Geronimo as code name for Osama bin Laden.

The most recent move to improve the communication between the president and American Indians comes in the shape of a webpage. On June 28 the White House announced the launch of “Winning the Future: President Obama and the Native American Community.”

“This webpage is meant to serve as another tool to help Indian country navigate the federal government and learn about how the President’s Agenda is helping to win the future for Native Americans,” according to a blog post by Charles Galbraith, associate director, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement on the White House website.

This site is the result of a request by tribal leaders in attendance at a recent listening session looking for a centralized list covering everything that involves Indian country that would be accessible by American Indians.

More to come.

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Submitted by mags29 on
Ha. Should be called "Winning Reelection". It's funny how once Obama is looking for votes he starts to care about Indian Country. It's the same thing with the Latino vote. He's suddenly talking up immigration reform again. Only thing is there have been no possitive results in his first years in office. Here's hoping he isn't all talk and no action again, but I have little faith.