Josephine Myers Wapp will turn 100 on February 10.

Oldest Living Comanche Turns 100


According to the Native American Times, the oldest living Comanche will turn 100 on February 10.

Josephine Myers-Wapp was born in Apache, Oklahoma in 1912 when the Sooner State was 4 years old.

She started teaching Native American traditional arts and culture in 1963 at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She retired 10 years later to focus on finger weaving.

In 2009, an exhibit titled The Artistic Legacy of Josephine Myers-Wapp: The Weaving of Stories and Tradition was featured in the East Gallery of the Capitol, which is managed by the Oklahoma Arts Council.

The council called her an “artist, educator, and specialist in Native American traditional art.”

To read more about this centenarian, visit or

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cookie's picture
Submitted by cookie on
It would be such an honor to sit and listen to her stories. I think as a society we are losing our history and the stories of our ancestors.

dereckstewart's picture
Submitted by dereckstewart on
Please convey a Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman and artist from this reader. It is humbling to read of her story and realize those events that took place in her lifetime.

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