Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, Algonquin

Algonquin Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau Crash-Lands in Jail, Charged With Assault



Conservative Algonquin Senator Patrick Brazeau, known for everything from lashing out at critics to losing a charity boxing match to penning a song in honor of the country’s missing and murdered aboriginal women, landed in jail last week on one charge each of domestic and sexual assault.

Appointed to the lifelong position by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008, Brazeau was thrown out of the Conservative Party caucus on February 7 as he sat in jail overnight. The 38-year-old Senator still was planning to return to work on Monday, as an independent.

He was arrested at 9:10 a.m. on Thursday February 7 at his home after 911 received a call from that residence, CBC News reported.

On Friday February 8, according to The Star, Brazeau appeared in court in Gatineau, outside Ottawa, and released on $1,000 bond. He had to agree not to contact the alleged victim in any way and to stay away from her home and place of employment; as well, he must exhibit “good behavior,” The Star reported, and may not possess firearms. He must also notify police if his address changes.

Brazeau is no stranger to controversy. He is being investigated, as are several other senators, for claiming a primary residence outside Ottawa to obtain tax breaks while collecting a housing allowance. He got into hot water last year when he suggested on Twitter that the first letter of reporter Jennifer Ditchburn’s name be switched from D to B, after she reported on his shoddy attendance record. In March of last year, he earned notoriety with his cockiness toward Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau before a charity boxing match, then proceeded to be trounced.

Most recently, he and a Conservative Member of Parliament disparaged Idle No More and Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence during her fast in protest of government policies toward aboriginals.

“I was sick two weeks ago,” Brazeau said, according to The Star, after referring to her “so-called hunger strike.” “I had the flu and I lost five pounds.”

Brazeau cannot be fired from the senate unless convicted of a crime, and he at this point has only been charged, as Postmedia News reported. However, Postmedia News noted, his ouster from the Conservative caucus does cut off the party’s funding to his Senate office. And he could be forced by the Senate to take a leave of absence, though he would still collect his salary of $132,300.

“It is extremely appalling and disappointing, and we all feel very let down,” said Harper following Brazeau’s arrest. “Obviously, in the recent period, something has been going very wrong.”

Brazeau is scheduled to appear in court again on March 22.

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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
If this one has done what is claimed he deserves more than jail. He deserves to be shunned & disowned by his tribe. Shameful & evil behaviors deserve severe punishments just as in the days of the ancestors. Such a one is a disgrace to his family, tribe & native peoples everywhere. We have enough problems across our native communities as it is. There is so much to be dealt with even among our on peoples. I see so many problems no matter where I go across Indian lands. Washichu society has tainted our people everywhere. Unless we as a people return to our roots & ways of the ancestors there is only going to be more scandals exposed. Just this weekend I came across a brother who has fell to drug abuse. Thankfully someone got to this one in time to get them to detox. Drugs & alcohol, family violence, disrespect of parents, elders & the Great Spirit Himself, is destroying our native communities one family at a time. Our people have so many times absorbed the white culture to the extent it has all but caused their native ways to disappear. These ways are not our ways & will only speed up our destruction. Pray to the Great Spirit for guidance, protection & to preserve our families & people everywhere. Seek out our wise ones, elders & people who still bring pride to our people everywhere. Turn to our ways, our songs & music, our cultures, our medicines for healing of mind, body & spirit. Two Bears Growling Buffalo's Thunder

Verna Friday's picture
Verna Friday
Submitted by Verna Friday on
He is a disgrace to Native people for joining the Canadian government system and now he is a disgrace to the ones he joined.

indianmedicine's picture
Submitted by indianmedicine on
Regardless of the Office one holds, "Conduct Unbecoming" is questioned by Constituents. The Senators Outspokenness, may be appreciated by a large majority; however if they had "Legal Counsel" act in a like manner - they could question his Professional Abilities in his representation of The People. As to the alleged "Domestic Violence Incident"; there are Two Sides to a Story; so let the evidence (if any) speak for its self. Back in The Day, the Senators "Age Group" would have qualified him as an "Elder"; a respected and honorable position of "Trust & Responsibility" of "The People". I would suggest a much more "mature" approach to his duties. The Senator must remember, there are "Exceptions to The Exceptions" as to "Office Holding"; and I am sure there are "Counsels" that can figure that one out' to the tune of $132,300.00 to annul.