Obama's 'Native American' Reference During Immigration Speech Sparks Bering Strait Twitter Surge

Simon Moya-Smith


Yesterday, during a speech on immigration in Las Vegas, President Obama reacquainted the nation with the actuality that “unless you’re one of the first Americans, Native Americans, you came from somewhere else – somebody brought you,” he said.

Immediately, anti-amnesty apologists and Bering Strait Theory enthusiasts took to Twitter to argue against Mr. Obama and the position that Native Americans never migrated across the northern land bridge 15,000 years ago:

Conservative tweeter @MarkWonderful remarked: “Needless to say, those of us w/some education know that even ‘Native Americans’ are immigrants, having come over land bridge from Asia.”

@QuoteLawrence wrote: “This is the stupidest comment made by stupid criminal sympathizers. You’re a native once you’re born here.”

Although the Bering Strait Theory is frequently considered as an irrefutable fact (at least in the Twitter-sphere), Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics David Reich declared in July that the Bering Strait remains a theory – and one he anticipates will be refuted with further research.

Still, that hasn’t staved the American populace from utilizing the Bering Strait argument whenever the issue of immigration is the topic of caustic debate.

The late Native American writer and scholar Vine Deloria Jr. openly rejected the Bering Strait Theory and, furthermore, encouraged archeologists to put more consideration into American Indian creation stories.

“What Vine was saying was that people need to think critically about what is being said to them,” said Professor Theodore Van Alst, Lakota, and the Director of Yale's Native American Cultural Center. “[Deloria] said that they need to listen to the nations and their traditions and their stories.”

Van Alst noted that it’s also convenient that the pro-Bering Strait Theory community’s evidence (if it exists) is “under water” and that the theory is invariably used “to [discredit] notions of indigenous rights to landholding.”

“[The Bering Strait Theory] is used to support the notion that we’re just an earlier set of people on a long continuum of immigrants,” he said. “… There needs be a real reassessment of this thing.”

Lauded Canadian journalist and musician Wab Kinew said that the president’s comments were “powerful” and that those who employ the Bering Strait Theory are “constantly trying to discredit us and undermine us.”

“They’re trying to legitimize colonialism,” he said.

Kinew added that it’s possible that Mr. Obama is finally on the brink of following through with his campaign promises, which date back to the 2008 presidential race.

“I think most Americans will see this as a sign that he could follow through with his initial campaign promise [to] recognize Indigenous Peoples as sovereign nations,” he said. “It’s a sign that the president gets it when it comes to indigenous history.”

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Susan Sheppard's picture
Susan Sheppard
Submitted by Susan Sheppard on
I've had my DNA done. I match people all over Asia but most closely people in Siberia. I live in West Virginia, I have no recent Asian forbears. It could have happened the other way around, I suppose. But some small part of me came out of Asia. There is a link.

Jack Jennings's picture
Jack Jennings
Submitted by Jack Jennings on
All right Obama thank you ! no one should lay claim on this or any land ! We and all creatures and all living things that are interconnected and share this earth together .It's now the time to stop wasting any more time debating who is american etc.and wake up ! .. to how we and rest of the world can live together in peace ! And stop fighting and destroying each other and this planet !

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John Maker Osag...
Submitted by John Maker Osag... on
It is a scientific fact that the oldest ancient ruins on the planet are in the Americas,South America. And also evidence that the most highly advanced culture was also in the Americas, South America. End of discussion. The evidence is there it's only been recently that this has come to light. It has been kept a secret due to the accepted theory of the European historians

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Submitted by anAHDAMofYAH on
The Native American Indians are Danites, meaning descendants from the Tribe of DAN who was one of the lost tribes of YAsrael who were scattered to first the EAST lands of Asia. They were pale in complexion with Blonde hair. They were taller in stature compared to the common Asians of today. The the DANITES became SHIP builders & came to the America's by there own built ships. Later in History they became falsely branded as VIKINGS,or Barbarians. Which was a Lie, they were peaceful Peoples.Once settle-ling as permanent New Landers in the America's they became What ENGLAND branded IN LIES.., as SAVAGES, not knowing the CREATOR YAH. otherwise today known as the American Indian's. In TRUTH they were DANITES part of the Lost Tribes of Yaacob/Yasrael. China TODAY has for many thousands of years have tried to hide the Ancient Burial mounds in ASIA that are graves of entombed tall Blonde Caucasian in appearance people that once shared parts of ASIA. ( Do some research on the DANITES of ASIA )

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Submitted by sam on
"openly rejected the Bering Strait Theory and, furthermore, encouraged archeologists to put more consideration into American Indian creation stories." Don't look at science, ask the wise man. We were all shat out by a raven. Duh. Creationists from all faiths, equally stupid.