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Photo by J.C. Hughes Photography
Cody Jones is one of the young Native men featured in the 21st Century Skins Calendar.

Calendar Guy: Cody Jones of '21st Century Skins'


Producer Shaunya Manus has again assembled the 21st Century Skins Calendar, her popular showcase for Native men. It features a mix of established entertainment figures and ambitious newcomers, and as in years past it's proven a hot seller. On March 16, Manus and Viewfinder Productions Inc. will host a release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, Arizona, at which the models in this year's calendar will be spotlighted. The event promises to be an enjoyable one, with red carpet VIP entrance, entertainment, autograph sessions, and photo opportunities. For more details, check out the 21st Century Skins Facebook Page.

Tickets can be purchased at the Viewfinder Productions website. There are also a number of sponsorship opportunities in connection with the calendar. Interested parties should download this PDF file detailing the sponsorship levels ad benefits.

Cody Jones

Manus has furnished some preview images from the calendar to ICTMN, along with some information about the subjects. Today we bring you Cody Jones, an actor and stuntman who is an enrolled Eastern Shoshone of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Jones started his career doing stunt work for screen productions including Steven Spielberg’s TV mini-series Into the West, Hired Gun, True Grit, and Cowboys and Aliens. He made his acting debut as Misoun in Dawn of Conviction, and followed that performance up with appearances in A Warrior’s Heart, starring Twilight actors Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. He also recently filmed Clay Lifford’s Wuss, starring Nate Rubin, and Of Gods and Kings, directed by Joe Estevez, starring Bo Hopkins and Leslie-Ann Down. On TV, Cody has appeared in two episodes of Deadliest Warrior and in a recent episode of Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. He modeled for this year’s 21st Century Skins Calendar and will be appearing at the 21st Century Skins Calendar Release Party on March 16, 2013 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cody Jones in the 21st Century Skins calendar. Photo by J.C. Hughes Photography.

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Vanity, what a colonial concept in view of a Navajo Marine who lost his in the protection of his people, I'll take a calendar of Native American service members listing their achievements, goals and wishes.

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Marie Tsosie
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Nice work!

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Be well friend n brother. Jill Trubow and I have appointed ourselves TEAM CODY!!! :) Enoy!!