Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk

Department of Interior Partners With Harvard University


The Department of the Interior (DOI) and Harvard University’s Project on American Indian Economic Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) July 12.

The groups hope to promote tribal economic development through research, outreach and leadership education.

Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk said in a press release that the collaboration will give the Interior “access to the best possible minds and expertise in the field of creating and promoting self-sustaining tribal economies.”

The MOU identifies three areas of collaboration including research, outreach and leadership education.

“It will be the tribes who benefit from the creativity of this collaborative partnership, and they will reap the rewards of its efforts,” said Donald “Del” Laverdure, Echo Hawk’s principal deputy assistant secretary, in the release. “We are confident that the outcomes of the collaboration will spur greater economic activity and increase employment in all areas of Indian country.”

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truebear's picture
Submitted by truebear on
The effort to promote economic development in collaboration and partnership is an essential step to meet the broad needs of Indian country. Through Partnership & collaboration, strategies can be approached that will identify the impediments and other restrictions that prohibit sustainable economic approaches, this partnership can & should identify the need for removal of barriers that prohibit economic development with-in Indian country. In my role as a Senior Strategist with Blue Stone Strategy Group, we fully realize and value of leadership such as demonstrated through this partnership and its potential long term effects. It is always the desire of BSSG to recommend sustainable roadmaps aimed at implementation that provides our tribal nations with good governance of tribal practice that leads to building a sound economic foundation - one that will allow for leadership to meet the needs of their people today and for those 'faces' still coming forward - our future generations! Our leadership at Blue Stone Strategy Group stands ready to support and advance this collaborative partnership - Our Children will benefit from our actions today ! Scan^ - In Peace & Friendship, Brian Patterson

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Edie Booth
Submitted by Edie Booth on
This is a great idea. But you need to UNINVITE TransCanada from your big meeting. Those opportunists are intent on raping the earth and they will benefit no one but themselves. They personify greed. They talk the talk but speak with forked tongue.