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Choogie Kingfisher, a Kituwah-Cherokee storyteller, tells a group of listeners the story of "The Creator" on the Cherokee Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina July 29, 2011.

He tells the story of how the Creator turned a timid creature into a bear so nobody would pick on him anymore. He told how the Creator made the owl's eyes remain big because he's nosey and how the rabbit got long ears and a short tail. Cuchie's use of voices and how animated he is brings the story to life.

After the story he treats his audience to a flute song and then tells the story of "The Boogie Man."

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Si-yo (hello) to all!! Imagine my surprise to see me, Choogie Kingfisher, on a video on Youtube and on the Indian Country Today website!!! I'm big time now Ma!!! LOL!!! That's the first time I've seen my name spelled like was a good try none the less. Thanks for the coverage and if you would like to contact me....well hit me up on Facaebook at Wa-do (thank you) for all and have a beautiful and blessed day!!! Choogie Kingfisher Kituwah-Cherokee Storyteller

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Thank you for the comment! We have corrected the spelling errors.

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