Superfly Kenny "The Dunk Inventor" Dobbs

Kenny Dobbs Wins Nike’s Dunk Contest in Los Angeles


Kenny Dobbs continues his dunking domination with another monster performance, this time at Nike's L.A. Live 3-on-3 Dunk Contest.  For more video of the master, click here.

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Submitted by hopidoezit on
Um..why is this front page worthy? didn't you guys just do a special on him. and why don't people comment anymore on ICT,oh ICTMN..

fortodaysyouth's picture
Submitted by fortodaysyouth on
Because it has he has to be one of the most inspirational stories in the Nation and any story about anyone who brings a message of hope to our young people-deserves to be front and center. I'm sadden, that yet again, the comments section is used to "negatively snivel" ICT instead of praising their great journalism. Thank ICT for this incredible story....please keep them coming!!! Kenny please forgive "for they know not what they do", keep shining and lifting up our kids....they love you!!!

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Submitted by fortodaysyouth on
ICT thank you for another inspirational story about a young man who youth all over Indian Country are following. Kenny continues to strive and show a true meaning of hope, and if he changes one life....ALL you stories will be worth it. Keep them coming!!

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Submitted by honorindians on
If Mr. Dobbs reads this: Do you do exhibitions? We would like to see what it would take to bring you to the University of Nebraska-Omaha during Native American Heritage Month to put on a dunking exhibition for the Native youth, or anyone who wants to attend, in the Omaha/Nebraska area. I think you our youth would love to see your amazing dunking skills in person!!! If so, respond to