Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams

Are You Ready for Some Football? Sam Bradford Sure Is


As the 2011 NFL football season is only a few weeks away from the start of regular season, we thought we'd throw up this highlight reel of St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, Cherokee.  After being named the NFL's Rookie of the Year last season, hopes (and expectations) are pretty high for the Heisman Trophy winning, Oklahoma City native.

Bradford's first game of the season is on September 11, at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.  After setting the NFL record last year for most completions for a rookie, Bradford is hoping to help his teammates earn more hardware, like a NFC West Division Title.

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dbender's picture
Submitted by dbender on
WASHTE! Good times to celebrate our athletes with Sam Bradford and Jocoby Ellsbury tearing it up. Not only that we have the Schimmel sisters tearing it up for Louisville! Good times indeed. I think everyone of us has the potential to be great if we focus on nutrition and staying balanced in warrior-shape.

deijwippel's picture
Submitted by deijwippel on
So excited to watch this beautiful man play some football!!! Will be at the Seahawks game with my jersey on and a huge I "heart" Sam Bradford pin!! haha, love him but love my Seahawks too!! ;)