The Lakota Summer Institute was held in June and considered successful by organizers.

Lakota Summer Institute Arms Attendees to Fight the Loss of Native American Language


The fifth Lakota Summer Institute—held June 6 to 24—took 74 participants on a language learning journey.

“These three weeks always deliver a transformative amount of information,” said Lakota Language Consortium (LLC) Executive Director Will Meya in a press release. “Some participants have said this experience is like going through West Point, training for a language revitalization battle. Our intent is always to create positive attitude and hope in our teachers.”

In three weeks, 21 classes were held with a “more relaxed attitude” than years passed, reported Sunshine Carlow, education manager for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. She noted how learners and speakers found it easier to communicate with each other in Lakota.

Intensive Lakota courses taught by LLC linguistic director Jan Ullrich were considered successful and thought to have “contributed to a different atmosphere of learning that got students energetically engaged with speaking and listening,” a press release states.

A new course of study was also tested this year to prepare instructors for immersion teaching. Mr. Francois Fouquerel, an instructor with the Concordia Language Villages, led the immersion courses.

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Great article which enforces MY company's project to 'preserve' Native American languages for tribes by using voice/speech recognition software. As a tribal member of Pueblo of Isleta, I want to preserve the culture, language and ideals of tribes. To learn more, please contact us at (352) 672-6217.