Idle No More in Seattle, a Documentary


A group of filmmakers has created a short documentary about an Idle No More rally that took placeon December 29.

The clip was directed by Dave Wilson, a music-video director who has worked with Brother Ali, Frank Ocean, Atmosphere, Yelawolf, and Evidence. It was produced by Tulalip tribal member and musician Brodie Stevens, aka "Redskin," who also provided music for the fiolm, from footage shot by Ben Hampton. ICTMN contributor and Thing About Skins ringleader Gyasi Ross provides narration, and elder Ramona Bennett gives a moving speech.

"This is a continuation of the 500-year-long indigenous resistance," Ross says. "It's much bigger than one piece of legislation. It's much bigger than Prime Minister Harper. ... It's about this continual resistance we've got to a consumeristic, non-indigenous, non-sustainable way of life."

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Thank you, from my interactivity with the Hoh, Quileute, and the Tulalip Native Americans, where I am fortunate to begin an understanding of historical Indigenous Indian culture. Thank you, for carrying forward your ancestry, in support and leadership for all of us. We struggle to awaken truth, justice, and most important of all, a new global mental model for our children. Donald T. Coughlin Evergreen student