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Got a case of the Mondays? Shake it up the Ojibwe way.

Shake It Up! Watch the Northland College Powwow Do the 'Harlem Shake,' Start Your Day Right


At the 39th Annual Northland College Powwow in Ashland, Wisconsin, this past weekend, the MC had Ojibwe elder Joe Rose lead everyone in a pow wow version of the "Harlem Shuffle"! Originally just a photo of pow wow attendees holding a banner a student from the Native American Student Association had made was going to be taken, but this is how it turned out. All of this was done in an effort to raise awareness about the proposed Penokee Mine and its potential consequences. For more info: and follow on Twitter at #NoPenokeeMine.

Read more on the Penokee Mine:

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Wisconsin Governor Walker Attempting to Rewrite Mining Laws
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Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
fabulous !

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Wow, auditorium FULL of people and this is what you people deem to be productive?!?! I predict that mines going to be built.. Maybe march all of those people to your local elected officials office and have a serious discussion; try doing that.. I agree with you guys, but geez...

Ileana ---Western Shoshone!!'s picture
Ileana ---Weste...
Submitted by Ileana ---Weste... on
Thats how we do it at Northland College!! Protect the water!! for future generations!! NO MINE!!!!!!!

Noise's picture
Submitted by Noise on
How does this raise awareness exactly? How about taking a few steps off of that campus and getting into the streets and talking to people??

northland alum's picture
northland alum
Submitted by northland alum on
This is not the only thing students have to done to oppose the proposed mine. They have organized informational panel discussions, attended hearings and meetings and potlucks. Some have volunteered to support marketing efforts. They have travelled long and short distances to testify against it. They have done much besides this one thing. How petty to look at one thing and put it down. How about maybe support any effort big or small. I commend these students and all of the combined efforts they have put towards protecting our environment.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
The focus WAS on this one thing - because that is the topic of the page. As far as my criticism being petty; seems to me like you're scrambling for a non-argument here. I listed a couple other things this large group of people could POTENTIALLY have done. Accept my criticism or don't, but don't make it into something its not and get all emotionally heated. lol.