Daffodil Princess Alexandria Tyler Cole walked on Wednesday, April 11.

Daffodil Princess Walks On


Rather than the princess herself, a photo of Alexandria Tyler Cole will be placed on her seat on the Queen’s Float in Saturday’s Grand Floral Parade during the Daffodil Festival.

Cole, a senior attending Chief Leschi Schools and citizen of the Quinalt Nation, walked on the morning of Wednesday, April 11.

“Alexandria was selected as the Chief Leschi Princess representative to the Daffodil Festival in October of 2011. She always greeted people with a contagious smile and her warm personality,” read a statement by event organizers on the festival’s facebook page. “Although the Royalty will still wave and smile to the crowd, they will still be hurting whenever they see her empty seat.”

The Daffodil Festival, in its 79th year will go on as planned with a theme of “Don’t Stop Believing.” The parade will travel through the Washington state cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner and Orting.

According to a story by The News Tribune, Cole lived with her mother, Christina Cole, in Tacoma and was close to her grandparents, Barbara and Joe Hipp.

She inherited her love of boxing from her grandfather, a South Sound heavyweight, and also played volleyball.

As a princess, Cole helped others. She and members of the royal court spend time doing community service. According to The News Tribune, they volunteered for Emergency Food Network and Word Vision, where they read stories to kids at libraries.

After graduating in June, Cole had planned on attending Washington State University, where she wanted to continue helping people by becoming a registered nurse.

The Daffodil Festival’s facebook page has also paid tribute to its lost princess with a timeline banner declaring: “Once a Princess, always, a Princess.”

Read the full report by The News Tribune here.

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ppmickey's picture
Submitted by ppmickey on
This is a loss far greater than that of Treyvon. Why isn't the press, like CNN spending time reporting about the Daffodil Princess? She wasn't a person with a questionable past, not having a lengthy arrest record like Tryvon, yet strangely there hasn't been a peep on any national news channels about Miss Cole who was a useful member of society, doing volunteer work and staying out of trouble. What a shame that there wasn't as much "air time" on TV for her.

rezican88's picture
Submitted by rezican88 on
This is absolutely ridiculous, PPmickey. I can't believe you would say something so heinous. The loss of ANY child's life is horrendous, there is no child whose life carries more weight than that of another. Furthermore, Trayvon did NOT have a "lengthy arrest record" (did you get this information from Fox "news"?), nor a "questionable past". He was a child, just like Alexandria Cole. The loss of a child should be mourned, not compared to the loss of another child who YOU (with obvious bias against and disregard for an innocent life) deem to be more "useful" to society. You should be ashamed of yourself...

Barbara Jean Hipp  Gramma's picture
Barbara Jean Hi...
Submitted by Barbara Jean Hi... on
Alex will always be in my heart, she is always on my mind, and it will be her one year day of passing on April 10, 2013. Our families hearts are broken, shattered beyond repair. Her soul was beautiful inside and out. I can't say how much I, and my family miss Alexandria Tyler Cole. It's an everyday struggle to get up and face the day without her. There are no words in the english language that can say how much this unbearable pain we have, Alex I love you...