Courtesy Northeastern State University
The 2012 Northeastern State University powwow. This year's powwow will be held April 12-14.

Northeastern American Indian Symposium Focuses on Technology


The theme for this year’s 41st Annual Symposium on the American Indian at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma is “Technology Future, Technology Past: A Woven Link.”

“Indigenous societies have endured as technological innovations have effected massive cultural change. The spiritual paths taken are interwoven as living links between the past and the future,” says the NSU symposium website. “Like the ancestral oak, the branches that reach out into new space are nurtured by the seasonal life within its circuitry and secured by the deeply woven roots that give it strength.”

Speakers include renowned Pawnee and Yakima artist Bunky Echo-Hawk and Haskell Indian Nations University professor and member of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma Dr. Daniel Wildcat, among others.

The symposium will feature a film series including a showing of “Killing Stereotypes: Assassin’s Creed and Natives in Popular Culture” tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Webb Auditorium.

Indigenous languages forums punctuate the symposium as well including an Indigenous Languages Documentation & Revitalization Seminar presented by Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald and Dr. Brad Montgomery-Anderson on Friday, April 12.

The symposium ends this weekend with a pow wow.

For more information about symposium events, which are all free and open to the public, view the agenda online.

An image from last year's powwow at Northeastern State University. (courtesy Northeastern State University)

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Jacques La Grange's picture
Jacques La Grange
Submitted by Jacques La Grange on
Nice to see technology being embraced. In Salt River when I ran the Education Technology Program for the kids. I would make the argument that Technology is the new rifle. Meaning that back in the day...we had no guns but as soon as we found out how effective it was. We adopted it and made it part of us. The same should apply to Technology. San Carlos Apache >>--------->

bobbie rogers's picture
bobbie rogers
Submitted by bobbie rogers on
i love this. i am a native american from the swinomish tribe in Mt Vernon WA!!! i grew up in a town called ellensburg near yakima wa!!!! thanks for all you share i love it!!!!

james winters's picture
james winters
Submitted by james winters on
I wonder what sort of technology if it is media, social media perhaps. The world is changing. Does social-media technology hurt or help Natives?