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The Motor City Madman: Rocking out the commentary, his Ted Offensive

Ted Nugent: Don't Change Redskins and Other Native Sports Team Nicknames, Won't Help 'My Indian BloodBrothers'


In an exclusive "Ted Offensive" commentary for this evening, rocker Ted Nugent, a.k.a. the Motor City Madman, takes "a tomahawk chop to political correctness." 

In his brash way, Nugent, "an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon," takes to task those who are up in arms over the use of Native sports nicknames such as Redskins, Braves and Chiefs. Waste of time, he laments. 

Instead, "There are many other issues that should demand our attention instead of talking about how insensitive the 'Tomahawk Chop' is to Native Americans," he writes. He cites the epidemic rates of alcoholism, infant mortality, unemployment and suicide among American Indians as the real problems that deserve the attention. The Washington NFL team might drop the Redskins name, but will that help bring jobs to the people on Pine Ridge, where unemployment is said to be greater than 80 percent?

He states his credentials for being an authoritative voice for Indian country on this, too. "Because of my clean and sober, hands-on conservation bowhunting lifestyle and song 'The Great White Buffalo,' Native American tribes have invited me to teach their young people how to reconnect with the land and teach them how to bow hunt the mighty American bison. It was in their midst that I learned firsthand about the terrible problems facing my Indian BloodBrothers."

Read the Nuge's full commentary by clicking here.

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Submitted by JENNY BARROWS on
Just can't get behind Ted Nugent....he is judgemental & not what he pretends to be, such as, pure as the driven snow. To each his own though.

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Submitted by Gwen on

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Submitted by Gwen on

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Sandra Muse Isaacs's picture
Sandra Muse Isaacs
Submitted by Sandra Muse Isaacs on
Why even bother giving this idiot coverage? I'm from Detroit, and he does not represent the Motor City and its citizens. He has long fought against the hunting and fishing rights guaranteed by treaty to tribes in Michigan, and is pretty well despised by many folks in the Detroit metro Native community. As long as he can get media coverage, he will continue to spout his racist bile. I, for one, would prefer NOT to see his opinions in my favorite Native newspaper.

Lori Nelson's picture
Lori Nelson
Submitted by Lori Nelson on
I think nobody really wants him speaking for thanks..jerk!!

pat walker cosme's picture
pat walker cosme
Submitted by pat walker cosme on
it's hard to listen to anything he says as he is such a know it all jerk...sorry...

NEGONSOTT's picture
Submitted by NEGONSOTT on
We think he just made millions by writing & publicizing this song. If he is going out there & just trying to teach natives how to hunt the great white buffalo, he's totally out of line because the buffalo population is no where near where it needs to be. And in making this statement, the white buffalo only comes once in a while. While I personally do like Ted Nugent's skills in the musical industry, I do not in any way respect what he has to say about any of this.

MarleyA's picture
Submitted by MarleyA on
Give me a break! Why is this joker even relevant. Hey, I liked Nugent the rocker, but that's where it stopped.....

Iyuskin's picture
Submitted by Iyuskin on
That white guy needs to face the truth about how he came to live the life of white privilege on Native peoples lands.

Lyn Thompson's picture
Lyn Thompson
Submitted by Lyn Thompson on
More of the Republican minority outreach initiative...

"hiest 1"'s picture
"hiest 1"
Submitted by "hiest 1" on
"How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right." - From Black Hawk, Sauk

mike garvison's picture
mike garvison
Submitted by mike garvison on
how is ted wearing full head dress and acting like a spastic not wrong? the ndn killed buffallo for existence. they use every part of the animal with great respect. if ted wants to speak for them and has the answers why dont he send a couple million to pine ridge and get the help started? or at least take donations at his shows along with his tee shirts. please ted let the native americans speak for themselves and you get back to what ever it is you do. and i know you will tell us all the things you do. oh yeah a buffalo robe across the back of a two thousand dollar sofa in your mansion is not what i mean.

Kris Potter's picture
Kris Potter
Submitted by Kris Potter on
Ted, you rock. However, I don't believe you have earned the right to wear a full War Bonnet Head Dress. If you want to do something about alcoholism at Pine Ridge, perhaps you could start by helping to get rid of the predatory liqueur shops outside the boundaries of the reservation. Once you have led a successful fight to get rid of those predatory shops, maybe then you will have earned the honor to be able to wear such a Head Dress.

Gord Vass's picture
Gord Vass
Submitted by Gord Vass on
I always thought those nicknames were an honour to the people. I'm just a white guy but I lived on a reserve in Canada for a couple of years. Great people. Love them. I cried when personal circumstances required that I had to move.

Gord Vass's picture
Gord Vass
Submitted by Gord Vass on
P.S. I'm referring to my thoughts of nicknames being an honour in the context of sports teams, not racist retoric.

No longer a Ted Nugent Fan's picture
No longer a Ted...
Submitted by No longer a Ted... on
What an idiot.

Wow's picture
Submitted by Wow on
Really? I'm sure those BloodBrothers will stand by his side, right? I think this poor man seeks any attention he can get and steps into doo doo because he can't, can't, can't. Let's see what people have to say.

Zhiizgiwan Kwe's picture
Zhiizgiwan Kwe
Submitted by Zhiizgiwan Kwe on
The reason why I find redskin offensive is not that it refers to the color of my skin, but because before scalping my ancestors were skinned because bodies were too heavy to carry

SD grouch's picture
SD grouch
Submitted by SD grouch on
Funny I didn't invite Mr. Nugent to help my oyate, nor do I have to authority to if I wanted to. He is spot on the issues facing mine and other Native Peoples, but what are his solutions beside stopping frequently outdated and dehumanizing misappropriate use of our ancestors images?

Scott Sands's picture
Scott Sands
Submitted by Scott Sands on
shit, TEDLEY NUGENT don't have a clue what the hell he is talking about ..Another white immigrant who is lost on this continent ...Damn guy don't even know how to hunt properly ...You can ask anyone from Walpole Island First Nation where he was laughed at for trying to spread his " knowledge" about hunting to people who had to blow the cal for him and shoot his ducks . otherwise, if it were not for the 'Indians" he would have left empty handed .....

Beth Carter's picture
Beth Carter
Submitted by Beth Carter on
Well, it's nice to know that the stats are circulating well enough that Nugent is aware of them. It helps that these stats have been in aired for the last decade or so. I have little to no respect for Ted as he epitomizes the sloppy white boy who will take a tumble with just about anyone who'll have him--like Kid Rock in Detroit. They are cut from the same cloth for me. Now I know these brothers, as lost as they are, are our brothers. That's not lost on me. However, I find that Ted has earned the name "Sh**ty" possibly more than "Sh**ty" did. Hunting with a bow does not give Ted credentials enough to teach Native kids. I'm glad he's sober, but he's still contagious. His mind is full of ice and his heart is tough and tiny. His ears are closed. Beyond that, the Native community has to start somewhere; the disrespect is far and wide. Jim Thorpe Day is next Tuesday. I'll be writing a letter to the IOC to do more than give replica medals to the family. (Check out Reader Supported News website.) We have to start small to roll back the big things. Poor Ted just wants to be revered and above reproach, yet he is anything but these as of yet.

Karha 's picture
Submitted by Karha on
He has finally said something that makes sense, although I'm not sure about him teaching onkwehonk:we children how to reconnect to the earth. There are more serious problems that face our communities, but at the same time if the colonist want to honor us. They can do so by honoring their treaties and stop degrading our mother.

shadowdragon42's picture
Submitted by shadowdragon42 on
Ummmm yeah. Don't get me wrong I love the guy. But these things have to be done on all sides. You have to fight racism just as much as the otherthings. They are all linked.

Delinah Stewart's picture
Delinah Stewart
Submitted by Delinah Stewart on
We do not need your help to "teach us" to reconnect with the land and teach us how to hunt buffalo. This is truly an insult and I would love to know which Native American tribes asked for such things. Freaking ridiculous!

H.R. Hudson's picture
H.R. Hudson
Submitted by H.R. Hudson on
Ted Nugent should be the last person in the world to teach Native American youth how to reconnect with the land. There's more to being an Indian than wearing a headdress!!

Marilyn Wounded Head's picture
Marilyn Wounded Head
Submitted by Marilyn Wounded Head on
He spouts off his mouth like he's an expert-separated at birth, his equal loud mouthed brother, limbaugh.