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Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Stealing From Tribal Gaming Funds

Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Stealing From Tribal Gaming Funds


In a recent article for the Native Sun News, Jeffry Whalen, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, charges the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council with pocketing tribal gaming funds that should be used to benefit the impoverished tribe. "Remember, I said the council members are the only ones who can see audit reports? Keeping financial documents under wraps can only be for one reason… to keep the general public and stakeholders (true owners) which are the members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, from identifying insider theft," he writes, according to

He quotes the tribal gaming code that cites "the Oglala Sioux Tribe shall receive at least 70 percent of the net revenues of all gaming activities conducted," and it specifically mentions "proceeds from such net revenues be distributed to individual members of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council.”

Nevertheless, the council accrued massive "personal debt in terms of unpaid motel and food expenses and left the casino holding the bag in the amount of $315,000.00," Whalen writes. "In other words, they made it so the casino could not collect what was owed to them and therefore reduced the casinos total net profits by a substantial amount."

He calculates 70 percent of $315,000.00 is $220,500.00--money that should have benefitted the tribe, "not just the select few former tribal council members."

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Submitted by yako6 on
Can someone explain to me how this can happen when Cheyenne River, Crow Creek, Lower Brule and Pine Ridge are the poorest rez's in the nation. Not only are they the poorest reservations, they are the poorest places PERIOD! in the Nation! Man!

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Submitted by yako6 on
Half the Oglala Sioux tribes were in a state of emergency last year due to the weather conditions. They reached out to other tribes for help and this year a fraction of them get caught with their hand in the cookie jar! What about the people?!

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Submitted by messofsnakes on
OGLALA SIOUX mess of snakes!! BEYOND ANY NORMAL PERSONS ABILITY TO COMPREHEND human afflictions comes GREED and the amazing need for wanna be ALPHA MALES to get into a group and start fakking everything up to feed their bloated ego's...yes---thats exactly what is happening there---and the followers of these so called "leaders" are complete SUCKUPS with no ability to reason anything because all they know is whats before their eyes...pathetic and shocking to remotely think that there are many many others who deserve to know what is going on with the accountings of a casino PUT OUT FOR THE MASSES to go have fun and spend their money and dissolve their "guilts of gambling with giving to those " indians"---which is what really goes on--ha ha hahahha --so at minimal to reason this out-----everyone involved who had good intentions to build this casino should have a desire to see its money go really where the voters originally intended---thats to the pockets of the poor sioux this case oglala---how unfortunate for them ..and to think this will never see daylight--nor will any gaming commision of any sort remotely start to investigate--it would take a tv show like 60 minutes to get involved...and that would be a very interesting segment--i must say--in the meantime---let those alpha males running the parlor tricks merrily continue on with their charades and parlor tricks and financial chicanery---hahahahahha ..sad but true----leslie twobear---oglala sioux