Gathering of Nations
There is she is, Miss Indian World 2013-14, Kansas Begaye.

Meet the New Miss Indian World, Kansas Begaye, Diné


"Miss Indian World is one of the most prestigious honors in the Native American and indigenous world and the winner will serve as a role model for all Native Americans,"said Melonie Mathews, coordinator of the Miss Indian World Pageant, held annually at the Gathering of Nations pow wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And the new Miss Indian World, crowned Saturday, is Kansas Begaye, 24, Diné, from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2011 and is the daughter of Dorothy and Leonard Begaye.

Begaye received the honor out of 16 American Indian women representing their different tribes and traditions who competed in the areas of tribal knowledge, dancing ability, public speaking, and personality assessment. She will travel to many Native and indigenous communities around the world on behalf of the Gathering. As Miss Indian World, she will represent all Native and indigenous people as a cultural goodwill ambassador for one year.

"Begaye will travel the world educating others about tribal and cultural traditions, and bring together Native and indigenous people," said Mathews.

(Gathering of Nations)

Brittany Clause, 22, from Six Nations, Canada, and a member of Cayuga Nation was named first runner-up at the pageant. She is currently attending Buffalo State University in Buffalo, New York.

Yonenyakenht Jesse Brant, 25, also from Six Nations, Canada, and member of the Mohawk Nation (Turtle Clan) was named second runner-up. She graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, in 2009.

In the case that Miss Indian World cannot fulfill her responsibilities, the first runner-up will take her place. If the first runner-up is unable to fulfill her duties after having taken over for Miss Indian World, the second runner-up will take her place.

Miss Indian World 2013 contestants (Gathering of Nations)

Miss Indian World 2012-2013 Jessa Rae Growing Thunder (Gathering of Nations)


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Richard Baldwin's picture
Richard Baldwin
Submitted by Richard Baldwin on
the Beautiful human beings , grow in wisdom and strength , get your people out of poverty and make them proud to be who they are

Elsie Joe's picture
Elsie Joe
Submitted by Elsie Joe on
Congratulations! We know you will be a wonderful ambassador for Dine and many other Native Americans. Be well and be beautiful!

Carol Thompson's picture
Carol Thompson
Submitted by Carol Thompson on
Way to go, Kansas! I'm so proud of you. Mrs. Thompson---your former PE teacher @ KMS.