Video: Footage From Sacred Sites Rally in Arizona


The struggle to save the sacred Hickory Ground gained momentum March 26 during the National Indian Gaming Association’s Convention when a rally was held not just for the sacred land there, but for sacred land across the country.

Activists from a number of nations including the O’odham, Navajo and Havasupai gathered outside the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona to drum, speak and share stories.

“There are a lot of connections about sacred sites,” said activist Alex Soto, a citizen of the Tohono O’odham Nation and one of the rally organizers. “What’s going on back east with Hickory Ground is the same thing going on here in Phoenix with a proposal to build an eight-lane 22 mile freeway that will desecrate our sacred South Mountain and bring a level of pollution and hazardous waste to the Gila River Indian Community.”

An American Indian Song:

An O'odham land activist speaks at the rally:

Dennis Banks speaks at the rally:

Klee Benally speaks about the San Francisco peaks:

The first two videos were shot by ICTMN writer Gale Courey Toensing, the second two by Save Hickory Ground.

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Submitted by Mariana on
Sage is from Teton Valley, grew up right in the heart of the some of the best fly fishing in the West. Can't MTN Bike every day in the seummr, a float on the Henry Fork ripping lip is a nice day off of the bike.

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Dr. Donal F. Lindsey
Submitted by Dr. Donal F. Lindsey on
I have known Dennis Banks for over 20 years, never heard him curse, talk a person down, drink even soda pop, saw him smoke once while quitting, and saw him do unexpectedly nice things for the neediest. He is extremely clever, spontaneous, unflinching, lyrical, and sacrificing for traditional ways.and the planet's welfare. I am proud to have made my drum and pipe with him--ain't stupid..