The Navajo Nation broke ground on Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort in March 2011. It will debut Memorial Weekend.

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort To Debut Memorial Weekend


The Navajo Nation will open the doors to its first casino on the Arizona side of its reservation on May 24. The grand opening celebration for Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort near Flagstaff will take place throughout Memorial Weekend, highlighting rich Navajo traditions while showcasing the property's gaming, luxurious resort accommodations, fine dining and unique architecture that pays homage to Navajo culture.

The 267,000-square-foot facility features commissioned Navajo artists’ original paintings and other artworks. Interior and exterior designs, lighting, colors and art installations incorporate the Four Worlds from the Navajo Creation and Emergence Story. Additionally, the basket weave pattern can be seen on the exterior of the resort as well as in subtle interior details throughout the casino, restaurants and guest rooms.

“Twin Arrows will create a new benchmark in gaming entertainment while improving the economic health and prosperity of the Navajo Nation,” said Derrick Watchman, chief executive officer of the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise. (Watchman became the first Navajo CEO of the enterprise on January 1, succeeding the Enterprise's first-ever CEO Bob Winter.) “As northern Arizona’s premier destination casino resort, Twin Arrows will create approximately 800 full-time jobs with an annual payroll of $20 million, including salaries and benefits.”

The casino will debut at phase 1—an impressive $230 million venue with 1,089 slot machines, 18 table games and 12 poker tables, live Keno, a five-story hotel with 90 rooms and suites 16,000 square foot banquet and conference center, fully equipped fitness center, heated indoor pool and six distinct dining concepts. The casino will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The resort also offers 24-hour complimentary valet parking featuring an innovative “Valet Express” mobile phone service system.

“Ya at'eeh. We welcome Arizona residents and tourists to experience our world-class gaming and array of dining options this summer,” said Maureen Curley, chairwoman of the Board of Directors for the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise. “We are committed to building business opportunities for the Navajo Nation as we provide an economic boost to the entire region and put Navajo people to work.”

Twin Arrows is the Nation's fourth casino. The tribe broke ground on Twin Arrows on March 21, 2011. The tribe made its first foray into gaming with the Fire Rock Navajo Casino, which opened in November 2008 in Gallup, New Mexico. Two years later, Flowing Water Navajo Casino began operating in Shiprock, New Mexico. In the same county, San Juan, Northern Edge Navajo Casino debuted in January of 2012 in Upper Fruitland. On June 28, 2012, after three years of casino operations, the Nation's gaming enterprise presented the tribe with its first distribution of gaming profits—a $5 million check, with future distributions expected to increase over the coming years.

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Helen Harkins Rease's picture
Helen Harkins Rease
Submitted by Helen Harkins Rease on
I am a resident of Camp Verde, AZ and go to Cliff Castle Casino about 3-4 times per week. My husband has Alzheimers and loves the music, noise, people having fun and just wants to go every day.....We who go often are very discouraged with how the winnings/hand pays have gone down and so we are looking forward to heading up your way and trying the new Navajo Casino. Will there be buses down here for us? You are opening up on May 24th and that is my 72nd birthday. I was wondering if you have a room with 2 queen beds as my brother and his wife, from Payson, want to come with us on opening day and spend a couple of nights there. Would appreciate a reply and what specials you have. Thank you very much for your consideration and time. Helen Harkins Rease

Dolores Casados 's picture
Dolores Casados
Submitted by Dolores Casados on
There is no info on room rates have family coming in. Would like to make reservations. Would like a reply

Mary Garcia's picture
Mary Garcia
Submitted by Mary Garcia on
Hi, My husband and i would love to come up there for a few nights, we live in phoenix and go to The fort Mc Dowell Casino for thier BINGO. We were wondering if you will be holding bingo sessions.

Mary Dewey's picture
Mary Dewey
Submitted by Mary Dewey on
My husband Kelly Dewey been working on this Casino/Hotel for the past year, he talks about all the time, we live in Tucson but he travels every week to check the jibe site, I would love to be part of the grand opening!!!! (he works for ARS)

Janice Gustafson's picture
Janice Gustafson
Submitted by Janice Gustafson on
Exactly where is the Casino? Is it on the highway to Tuba City or the highway to Albuerque? How far is it fro Flagstaff?

Jim & Carla Wyman's picture
Jim & Carla Wyman
Submitted by Jim & Carla Wyman on
My husband & I live in Overgaard. We would like to know about rooms. Also what time are you opening?

al edgar's picture
al edgar
Submitted by al edgar on
Let us know when and how we can book a room ASAP! And you will have smoke free rooms!

Shirley 's picture
Submitted by Shirley on
I read in the paper that the Navajo Nation is going to build a new Casino out by the Petrified Forest near Holbrook. When will they start on it? We would like one close to Holbrook. You will get business off of 1-40, Snowflake, Winslow, Sanders, the Reservation, Holbrook, St. Johns all the surrounding area.

Pat Williams's picture
Pat Williams
Submitted by Pat Williams on
You have ads published but do not give location ( how many miles east of Flagstaff ), No opening time, no hotel opening date and no info on bus service from Phoenix. Everyone in your comments section is asking the same questions. Why are you not responding ??? I had hoped you would show a little more interest in providing info to the public.

Jose Gonzales's picture
Jose Gonzales
Submitted by Jose Gonzales on
Cant wait til the grand opening. I'll be there for the grand opening. Lets play some slot. Ya

Submitted by VIRGINIA YAPLE on

aubrey larramore's picture
aubrey larramore
Submitted by aubrey larramore on
we are very happy twin arrows casino is opening up in flagstaff, Aubrey and Rose Larramore

Danny Hunter's picture
Danny Hunter
Submitted by Danny Hunter on
My wife and I have a travel trailer and would like to camp, is there a place or camp ground?

David and Dolores Schultz's picture
David and Dolor...
Submitted by David and Dolor... on
My wife and I go to the only casino (Cliff House)in our area. The slot machines seem to be getting tighter and tighter every year here.We are looking forward to visiting your new casino. Hopefully on opening day to celebrate your grand opening. Perhaps this will be a new beginning for us. Best of luck in your new beginning.

Duke Hayduk's picture
Duke Hayduk
Submitted by Duke Hayduk on
Pretty soon, it's going to be "tits up" for at least some of these efforts, no doubt instigated by outside "Biligaana" salesmen. Too bad when the Navajo people said they didn't want gambling, the "big shots" didn't listen. Time will tell. Good luck friends! From two friends and admirers of Navajo people.

larry dennison's picture
larry dennison
Submitted by larry dennison on
yes i would like to inquire about your room rates and room size thank you

Julia Hunter's picture
Julia Hunter
Submitted by Julia Hunter on
WOW!! I can't wait to see this place.. It looks like its bigger than Fire Rock. :) Hope it blesses my pockets when it opens and I'm playing BINGO or SLOTS!!!

BB's picture
Submitted by BB on
The rooms will not be available until June. I understand there are additions coming for possible RV, more rooms, and the like. The rooms will begin at $159 and upward. I haven't viewed any BINGO hall on the premises. The directions is on Interstate 40, exit at 219, between Flagstaff and Winslow. You can call at 1-855-WIN-TWIN.

Betty Oswald's picture
Betty Oswald
Submitted by Betty Oswald on
I visited Twin Arrows Casino outside Flagstaff and was very impressed. However, I thought it was a non-smoking Casino. There were ash trays all around and people smoking. What's up????????????

cdbenally6745's picture
Submitted by cdbenally6745 on
The facility rendered in the media is breathtaking. I can imagine what the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort would looks like while being viewed in person. My concerns and questions are: How much effort is really being placed in the hiring of qualified Navajos and other Native Tribes in filling those positions that will elevate the economic conditions of the communities where these casinos are being built? When all the celebration and congratulations are laid to rest when will the Navajo people learn or be provided the statistics and ratios of how many non-Navajo employees (Whites) that are hired as apposed to members of the Navajo Tribe and other recognized Tribes? How many of these White employees hired are managers as apposed to non-managers. Why do I feel that this information will not be forthcoming at any time soon, maybe perhaps this is the past practice of our current and passed leaders. Maybe I'm too optimistic in thinking that the casino's Board of Directors will freely provide this information. We who have experienced these practices through the years by our own leaders tend to feels this way and it will not change. I give this new venture a year before disharmony and dissention starts developing. I prey I that I am proven wrong.

herman plumber's picture
herman plumber
Submitted by herman plumber on
I'm waiting for smoke signals to locate the place. How backward how stupid to hide directions! visited 6 sites!

Anon Uh Mouse's picture
Anon Uh Mouse
Submitted by Anon Uh Mouse on
I'd love to visit your casino and play some Texas-hold'em, but I figure that I'd most likely get SCALPED. I figure I'll just stick with your museums, pow-wow's, fire-water and squaws. But in any event, good luck with your new business; The rez needs the employment for improving prosperity and health and education, I figure. Anon Uh Mouse