Bill Stam
The All-Nations Native American Veterans Memorial in Jefferson, Oregon

Save the Date: All-Nations Native Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremony


It's been a long time coming, involving an incredible amount of work, dedication and passion. But the day is nearly here.

On Saturday, April 20, the All-Nations Native American Veterans Memorial in Jefferson, Oregon, will be dedicated and opened to the public in a ceremony at 2 p.m.

There's an amazing tale behind all this, leading from the efforts of Navy/Air Force veteran Bill Stam, Lakota, and his wife, Gwin, Apache. Read about it here: A Community Pulls Together To Support One Man's Plan for a Native Veterans Memorial.

The organizers of the dedication day ceremony share this, via Facebook:

"We are all very excited for the event. We will have representatives from the Lakota Nation in Pine Ridge, the Pala Band of Mission Tribe and the Chumash Tribe in California, the Cherokee Nation, the Shawnee Nation in Oklahoma, the Navaho Nation in Arizona, the Blackfoot Nation in Montana, the Mohawk Nation and the Siletz, Lower Umpqua and Grande Ronde Nations in Oregon. We have representatives from the Apache Nation, and the Ho Chunk Nation who cannot come in person but will be here with us in spirit.

We will have drummers from our local Portland chapter of NARA to provide us with music. Lunch will be served. Gwin will be making some of her famous buffalo chili and a friend of the Memorial Jay Bear Cavazos will be making some of his famous fry bread. We will also have assorted salads and we have some special "All Nations Native American Veterans Memorial" cakes on order.

We are looking forward to sharing our beautiful Memorial with everyone."

This will be a proud day for Indian country.

For a moving video introducing the memorial and giving you and idea of what to expect Saturday, click here.

For a look back at a special message from the mayor of Jefferson, Oregon, on the memorial and Bill Stam, click here.

For further details on the event, including the address and contact info, see the flyer below or visit the memorial's Facebook page by clicking here.

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Rhonda Kiersey Cherokee singing starr's picture
Rhonda Kiersey ...
Submitted by Rhonda Kiersey ... on
I would Like to join this event with you all on Saturday for the Grand opening in Jefferson

Lorella Bridges's picture
Lorella Bridges
Submitted by Lorella Bridges on
I wish my father, Moses Jay Nesahkluah, full-blood Apache from Oklahoma, who proudly served his country during WWII, being America`s most decorated Native American ever, ( POW and MIA who made it home)was still with us today to be a part of this wonderful and much-deserved dedication to all Native American Veterans. Bill and Gwin Stam, Aho for what you have created for all our people!

aylward j horrell's picture
aylward j horrell
Submitted by aylward j horrell on
CONGRATS: OVERDUE: NEVER GIVE UP! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO! Hola Hey! Whirled Peaz! ajh (aspen leaves)