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Top 10 Most Popular Stories of the Year


As the year comes to an end, ICTMN gets nostalgic and takes a look back at this year's most popular stories.

Stories at tend to attract a wide audience and this list is based on the total number of views each story received throughout the year.

Be on the lookout for our story of the Year’s Most Important Stories coming soon.

Here are our top 10 most popular stories of 2012:

10. Gap 'Manifest Destiny' T-Shirt Sparks Outrage in Indian Country

Apparel manufacturer The Gap sells 'Manifest Destiny' t-shirt. A term that reminds Native Americans of the suffering of their ancestors through forced relocation and genocide.

9. Breaking News: Russell Means Walks On

Russell Means, founder of the American Indian Movement and one of the most famous and beloved Native Americans, passes away on October 22.

8. Obama Signs Peacetime/War Preparation Martial Law Order

On March 16, President Barack Obama signs the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, which allows the federal government to seize all manner of property and natural resources during "peacetime and in times of national emergency.”

7. A Recent TV Slur Revives Debate About Sacheen Littlefeather and Her Role in Marlon Brando's Oscar Refusal

Comedian Dennis Miller makes disrespectful comments about Sacheen Littlefeather and shines a light on rampant Native American stereotypes on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

6. Johnny Depp Adopted Into Comanche Nation

Johnny Depp is adopted into Comanche Nation by the esteemed LaDonna Harris for his upcoming role as Tonto in the Lone Ranger movie.

5. Bible-Based Curriculum Says the Trail of Tears Was a Path to Christ

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spends state tax dollars to create a Bible-based curriculum that teaches students incorrect versions of history, and points out the 14 "wacky facts" learned from the program.

4. Lightning Medicine Cloud, Sacred White Buffalo, Killed and Skinned

Days away from his first birthday, Lightning Medicine Cloud, a rare natural white buffalo, is found dead and skinned along with his mother in Greenville, Texas.

3. Student Suspended for Speaking Native American Language

Miranda Washinawatok, a 12 year-old student and basketball player, is suspended from playing in game for speaking her native Menominee language.

2. $13,500 to Kill Sacred White Buffalo in Texas - Can This Be True?

There is outrage as a hunting lodge in Hunt, Texas advertises a "White Buffalo Hunting Package" that offers participants a chance to kill a sacred white buffalo for $13,500.

1. RNC Official Says NM Governor Disrespected Custer by Meeting American Indians

Republican National Committee leader Pat Rogers is called to resign in August after telling staff members that New Mexico's Governor, Susana Martinez, was disrespecting the memory of the infamous Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer by meeting with tribal leaders in her state.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
The historical recordings of what happened at Little Big Horn is based upon Non Natives accounts of what they percieved as being truthful. Native American History for the most part is bias to the point where someone, some event favors the recorder or writer. Half truths, does no justice to historical events. When were Native American consulted or interviewed to hear their versions of what happened in any historical event that took place on this continent. Seems someone has bees in their bonnetts. Many a times people record what they see with rose colored glasses to appease the majority. Whenever Native Americans won a battle it's recorded as a Massacre, Whenever Non natives win a battle it's viewed as a victory. Ironic how history is recorded to favor one's race and perspective.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
8. Obama Signs Peacetime/War Preparation Martial Law Order... and yet... the majority of Natives voted for him. We need all the facts, people.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
So sad about Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother. Thank you for educating me about these events. I had read of some of them, but not all. Keep up the good fight!

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Submitted by Anonymous on
Will there never be an understanding of Native American culture or respect for them?