Lakota Berenstain Bears 'Trouble at School'


The Lakota Language Consortium's dream of a Lakota language Berenstain Bears, or Mat?ó Waú?šila Thiwáhe—The Compassionate Bear Family—cartoon has been realized and ICTMN will be posting one episode every Sunday morning. While it is a children's cartoon, the goal of recreating this well-known show in Lakota is to help revitalize the language, so adults can brush up on their Lakota, or learn the language with their children.

In this first episode, Brother has been home sick from school and neglects to do the schoolwork Sister brought home from his teacher. As a result, Brother gets a zero on his next math test mark and doesn't know how to tell Mama and Papa. He turns to his elders, Gramps and Gran, for help and learns that getting a problem out in the open, goes a long way toward solving it.

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This is really cool. I work in an Indian Ed program and the kids can benefit from this.