Painting by Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier Painting to be Auctioned


The Oglala Commemoration is auctioning a painting by jailed activist Leonard Peltier to raise funds for his ongoing legal struggles. Peltier has been incarcerated since 1977, when he was found guilty of murdering two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge reservation in 1975. Peltier's case has been highly controversial, with many supporters maintaining he is innocent and should be freed. The oil painting of an elephant and two lionesses is one of several items up for auction at through January 11, 2011.

You can also learn more about Leonard Peltier at the official site of the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee,

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You won’t learn more about Leonard Peltier at his web site except that he is a prety good artist and that he is good at fooling people out of their time and money. Leonard has counted on people’s good intentions to help him spread the myth of innocence and exploit his Indian heritage in extreme denigration of those truly worthy of being compared to Chief Crazy Horse. Leonard is a fake of the worst kind. He is, in fact, a parasitic, unrepentant killer. Leonard still refuses to cooperate in the on-going Anna Mae Aquash murder investigation, probably because he is still involved in the cover-up. According to several Indians, Leonard interrogated Anna Mae by putting a loaded gun in her mouth a few months before they executed her, partly because he bragged to Anna Mae how he executed two federal agents. Leonard's 1993 parole board had it exactly right concerning his aiding and abetting conviction: “Although the above evidence is consistent with your having, while at the scene of the murders, aided and abetted the use of the above-mentioned AR-15 rifle by another individual to execute the agents, the Commission is persuaded that the greater probability is that you yourself fired the fatal shots… It would be unjust to treat the slaying of these F.B.I. agents, while they lay wounded and helpless, as if your actions had been part of a gun battle. Neither the state of relations between Native American militants and law enforcement at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation prior to June 26, 1975, nor the exchanges of gunfire between individuals at the Jumping Bull Compound and the law enforcement agents who arrived there during the hours after Agents Coler and Williams were murdered, explains or mitigates the crimes you committed… Your release on parole would promote disrespect for the law in contravention of 18 U.S.C….” For the real story, read the legal record and watch the video at It’s time to put an end to the charade. Honor the truth, restore dignity to the fallen.